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Probably any agent using top producer (and not on vacation) has noticed that Top Producer 8i has been down for multiple days!!!  They are blaming it on their internet provider (who provides service to their data center)...  That may be the case, but my question would be, "Why haven't you switche...
When a buyer is using an FHA loan to close on a home they, and the sellers should be aware of common FHA required repairs prior to signing an offer. In all reality the Sellers should be made aware of these items PRIOR to even listing the property.  If the listing is a traditional listing repairs ...
Investments properties these days seem to be all the rage. Everyone wants to be able to make a “quick” buck. But, what really goes into investments, and can you always make a profit no matter what? It's important to know what the basics of a great real estate investment are.   First, you want to ...
This afternoon I was with a GREAT young couple who are buying their first home in Provo Utah.  They asked a great question as we were writing the offer.  When do we get the keys?  In Utah there are two terms in the contract that many agents do not understand, let alone buyers and sellers.  This i...
    Over the last week I have had several questions put to me about the costs a buyer should expect when buying a home in Utah. First, commissions.  In a typical home purchase the person selling a home will pay a commission to their agent (the listing agent).  This is normally around 6%.  The lis...
"Does it really matter what agent I use to look for a home to buy.  I mean, they all have access to the MLS, and all they really do is meet me at homes, right?" I actually heard a buyer say this and was shocked.  Are all agents alike?  Not even close. As one of the top selling teams in Utah we ar...
I've often had buyers who are confused that they need both a Home Warranty AND Home Insurance. They sound like they do the same thing right? But, that couldn't be farther from the truth. Let's look at the specificics that make these so different. First, home insurance is required by law and a hom...
    Meth use in Utah is becoming more common these days and with the increased usage more and more homes are becoming contaminated.  This makes me ask a REALLY big question… Why are Utah home buyers not having Meth tests done? Probably the first reason is that they do not know enough about them ....
For years Realtor's have been able to sign a short sale listing, throw it out on the MLS at a low price, get 30 offers, and sell the home.  Yes this is an over simplification that has left out the tedious avalanche of paperwork, months of utter time wasting on phone calls with $6 an hour bank em...
As an agent who has been working with shorts sales since before they were the fad I am seeing a few interesting things happening that many people are mistaking for the end of the short sale era. First HUGE bank delays.  This may seem like an ironic starting point (as short sales have always taken...

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