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  Words that Mortgage Professionals like myself love to hear. "Clear to close". In this current market with Sub-Prime lenders going out of business and Loans going into foreclosure, those words are music to my ears.   Most of us have had a bad experience or two of going into a home purchase and e...
 When I started here at Active Rain I was a little naive as to what I expected from this network. I expected to make business contacts and to improve on my business. When I got here I found something much more valuable. Friends. Not only friends, but friends that had knowledge that I needed, supp...
   Since I have been here at the Active Rain Network, I have learned a little bit about staging. Being on the finance side of Real Estate I wasn't aware of all the work involved in selling a home. Especially in a buyers market, which seems to be happening in my area.    Staging homes isn't why I ...
     I have been thinking.... What sets us apart from the rest? I joined Active Rain to trade Ideas and learn from other professionals. I am licensed to do mortgages in Pennsylvania only, so I am not here to network to a broad audience but to embrace what others in my profession are going through...
     As a loan Officer I have seen many people try to sell their home by themselves. They hire an attorney to do the paperwork and put an ad in the paper and hope it sells. They think that they will "save" money by not paying a Real Estate Agent. In most cases I have seen, the attorney isn't fami...
   The heat is on many mortgage people like myself for putting people in "bad" loans. When I am approached by a customer who wants to be prequalified, I work towards the best case scenerio for my customer. When the customer comes to me with a low credit score, my first response is to coach them i...
  I was given a boot in the pants and told that I should Blog more. I do have something I need to get off my chest and hopefully someone could give me some insight as to why this is fair.   I work for a Mortgage Broker. We pay to keep our office running, pay to market our company,and pay to adver...
Happy Holidays to all of my friends and colleagues here at Active Rain. This time of year tends to be a little bit slower in our business. People have other things on their mind. Buying gifts, scheduling family time and trying to make time to get everything done. It's a great time to look back on...
 Hello everyone! I am fairly new to networking sites like this one. I came to this site looking to network and interact with other professionals. I have had little luck contacting people to network with. Maybe this network isn't what I thought it was. I prefer talking to people one on one and mak...
   The holidays are coming and everyone has other things on their mind. People you have been networking with all year seem to disappear. It's the time of the year for reflecting on what you have done in the past year as well as what you are going to do with the year ahead. What things are you goi...

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