Not Dazed Nor ConfusedBUTAmazed And Amused Well, kinda.  Ah, yes perspective plays an important part of daily living.  I keep repeating it.  Often.   Perhaps it’s a thought that enters my psyche a bit more at times than on other occasions. On many subjects.  ActiveRain continues to be a source of...
Meat Me In St Louis Over the years, I am sure all of us have heard/seen words or terms misinterpreted in some rather unusual ways. In a comment on one of my posts last week, Sharon Lee mentioned a funny memory of her Mom’s pronunciation of the name Phoebe.   Her memory “fit”  with this-at-the-tim...
A Cookie By Another Name   This post is based on something not just years but decades old.  My mom's sister, our aunt and my godmother, was an exceptional talent in the kitchen.   I remember as a child asking for a cherry pie rather than a cake for my birthday because I knew where it might come f...
Life As A Guinea Pig     This is not a medical protocol-of-any-sorts but another glimpse of work-in-progress for everyday life.  It’s an ongoing study it seems.    As we know, this year is one where disruption has played an active part so much so that even the word disruption has a somewhat  dist...
 Checking The List. . . Like many of you, I am a list-maker.  While Santa has his routine, especially during this time of year, I am including things beyond the naughty and nice on my list of things-to-do plus experiences of manykinds to participate along with other priorities of the day/week/mom...
Although this post is now featured, attracting even more eyes with a reblog of it can certainly help reach more members.  And besides, it's the holiday season and staying on the "nice" list rather than the "naughty" one is typically a smart idea.    Comments for this reblog have been disabled, pl...
 Is It An Asterisk?  Or Something Else?  As we approach the end of year we will see lots of lists.   The never-endingness of it can become a bit overwhelming. We can count on learning Winners along with Losers.   Hits and Misses will certainly not be overlooked either.  Recalling special moments ...
                         I Know Where I Am                          But Where Am I?    In the last couple of years, I have written of the different paths and routes I have taken while walking around my neighborhood and elsewhere.  Although my distance traveled may not be long in comparison to oth...
                     A Place For Everything                And Every Thing In Its Place   Did Benjamin Franklin say it first?  Or someone else?  With all the things my mother used to tell us while growing up, you would think I might(along with my younger sister and brother)think she was the origi...
  Making Sense Stepping Away From The Nonsensical   The headlines provide hints of  good and not-so-good news.  Sure perspective plays a part as well as interpretation.  The mind wanders.  In all sorts of directions.  Here, there and everywhere.  Anywhere, really.  The path of my wandering leads ...

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