The Difference A Single Person Can Make   The Difference A Single Person Can Make     It seems that the issue between big versus small exists throughout life.  And in many industries.  Not just real estate. Regardless of the size of the organization, we understand the importance a particular per...
  Four Score And Seven Years Ago  Four Score And Seven Years Ago    Many of the 272 words found  in the  Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address may have been forgotten but you likely recall those words in the famous beginning.   And while this post is not a tribute to that literary work, it is a trib...
  Raindrops Keep Falling  On My Head   Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head    It's another rainy day. Or it is scheduled to be.  Perhaps that was  yesterday. Maybe tomorrow.   It's all kind of running together for many it seems.  It's not like this hasn't happened before.  I remember previous rainy...
  When It Is Not  Just A Matter Of Time        It Is Just A Matter Of Time  We have likely heard it in the past.  Time heals all wounds.  Give it some time.  It seems to be that time is given the role of the bad guy in the script of life. You know the character wearing the black hat in an old wes...
    That Memorable Moment  That Memorable Moment  I have been pondering.  Maybe more than usual.  And perhaps just as much as I typically ponder.   I don't keep track of such things.  No need for a "to do" list.   Things just happen as I ponder.  It's not like I relinquish taking charge of my tho...
  Getting To The Finish Line      Getting To The Finish Line  That important moment.  But it's more than just a moment, isn't it?  The accumulation of many moments.  Leading to one magic moment.   Life Is A Journey. Not A Destination                                               Often attributed ...
  The Emperor Wore No Clothes      The Emperor Wore No Clothes  Not really a surprise.   Afterall, most of us can cite an example or two or more in our lives where such "secrets" are/can be unmasked. It happens. Even on ActiveRain where a spammer/scammer was revealed as part of the Q&A section of...
  Releasing Your  Two-Year Old Self    Releasing Your Two-Year Old Self   I am not a parent but I have been a two-year old:  a long time ago mind you so I can kinda relate.  And I know people.  People who either currently have or who have had two-year olds in their life.  So in some way I could b...
 And This Will Work Best    And This Will Work Best  It doesn't matter what "this" is.  And for that matter "best" is not only subjective but it really doesn't have a definition.  Bigger.  Better.  More Value. Perceived.  Or Real.   More Shiny.  Or Less Showy.  And as far as promised results are ...
  Table This   Table This.  There are some things that tend to make me uncomfortable or that I dislike.  I confront situations and survive.   Grin and bear it.  And on occasion,  I do my best to avoid some entirely if  possible or if that is an option.  That works.  For me.   But that wasn't alwa...

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