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 To Live Poetically. . .   While I attempt to limit time spent on Facebook, there are certain must-visits on the site where I do stop.  While time management can be challenging, the control I have has proven an achievable solution when practiced. I admit the daily birthday reminders come in handy...
 Some Backup Solutions of Sorts. . .   I have said it before and it's likely I will repeat it: A life in real estate can provide a lot of stories. Some to share. Other gathered tales may be deeply hidden in the memory bank. Perhaps, they are being stored for safe keeping. Sometimes things are rev...
Almost April And AnotherAR Anniversary Approaches. . .     The end of the month approaches.  Thirteen years ago tomorrow, March 30, I joined ActiveRain.  Many AR milestone moments much more significant than this have passed since 2010 without much or any notice from me. John Lennon is attributed ...
Evaluating the Educational ExperienceAs A New Season Arrives. . .  I have admitted to rabbit hole expeditions on more than one occasion.  There can be many twists and turns.  Some are consequential although many may seem meaningless. Life teaches me some sort of lesson each day.  I have yet to fi...
Was It Memorable?And Why. . .   Meetings and moments of all sorts can be scheduled.   They also happen spontaneously without much or any planning.  I wonder: What makes them or anything memorable?   Even if specialness is promised, there isn’t a guarantee.  The wondering continues.   The word and...
Not Knots LandingAnd No Drama of The Serial Or Cereal Variety. . . I know I am older than some on this platform.  A look into the bathroom mirror and around real life also reminds me of this.  Although the details are fuzzy, I recall the television show, Knots Landing. For the uninitiated or thos...
 You Are Invited.  Again.     You are invited. It’s the beginning of a new month. Here we go.  Again.  And yes, it seems as if we just did it.  Although each month does seem to have a repetitiveness that may remind you of that aspect of time.  No, it’s not Groundhog Day.   So many similarities.  ...
 An Open House ExperienceAnd A Different Kind of Observation. . .    As a longtime observer, participant as well as practitioner, I have a history when it comes to open houses.   My days of practicing real estate are in the rear-view mirror. While I have attended a handful of open houses in recen...
 This Place. . .  To some, I have resided in a lot of places. Visited many more.  When it comes to looking at the numbers of each, I am well-aware many of you would win with a much bigger score even though it isn't a competition.  There are places I have lived for long periods of time. Some locat...
 Remembering - Recalling - Reminiscing. . .  Memories are interesting. What sparks recollection is as well. As I have discussed on these pages and elsewhere, they differ from one individual to another. And at times with smile-worthy or laughable results. How does that happen? Our own experiences ...

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