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 I Have Seen This Game Before. . .  I know Super Bowl LVIIM3GAN is not being played until later this month.  Even though I am not a loyal football fan, I do understand the importance of the upcoming sports spectacle.  All kidding aside.  And by spectacle, I am not throwing shade towards this spec...
 A Gist of Grit. . .   I recently put aside a book. I had finished reading it but wasn’t exactly through with it.  Maybe you know what I mean - maybe not.  Some things stay with me.  I read a lot.  This and that. Admittedly, I sometimes skim - skipping through a story.  I certainly miss things.  ...
 Brainpower Bandwidth Blues. . .  Do we have enough brainpower? I wonder if there is sufficient bandwidth too.  If not, are the blues inevitable?   And is any of this connected?  I don’t have the answers to these questions. Or countless others. However, I think many factors may be involved.   Mea...
  A Punctuation Predicament. . .  Earlier this month, I read a post by Leanne Smith. I admit it caused some discomfort.  It wasn’t anything to do with Leanne’s thoughts or the way she skillfully expressed them. However, the bigger subject had me digging deeper into the peculiarities of our langua...
  Beyond Being ThereIt’s Not the Only Thing. . . “Being There” is not nearly enough for any marketing effort but it is a start.  That’s a beginning that introduces and plays a role in any competition. Real estate and all kinds of marketing can certainly be considered competitive.    I have discus...
 Too Many and Too Much  Thinking in PasadenaAbout January SecondAsMonth Number OneOf 2023 Begins. . . First, on the first: things continue to happen.   For some, it's too many.  Sometimes, too much. Not enough too.  At times, they seem to combine. Too often.  Wherever you travel on life’s timelin...
  Before The First. . .  Here is the background: I read a challenge post entry about the do's and don'ts of ActiveRain by Andrea Bedard. My thoughts became a comment and now, this post.   The birth of posts is a part of AR. Their originations have been chronicled by me as well as by so many of yo...
 The Gift of Presence. . .    What I've learned. Everyday life can continue to offer connections that link together things that may, at first, seem dissimilar.  It is not some sleight of hand that happens magically that makes them appear alike. However, some of these incidents can be surprising. ...
  Something SpeaksAnd Sometimes It Can Be Quite Simple. . .    That little voice speaks loudly at times.  And yet it can’t always be heard.  What makes us decide to do or even not to do something.  What speaks to you? Many things can seem like viable options as the search is explored. Selecting a...
 Isle Be Back Shopping on That Pondering AisleAnd Wondering AboutSong Titles That Start With "I'll". . .    Some background: As often mentioned in and outside ActiveRainLand, year-end is on the minds of many of us these days.  I admit to participating. Although this final month of 2022 may be hal...

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