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Listing Your Davie Home? Yes, You Should Repaint  When you’re about to list your home in Davie you need to begin looking at it as a product you are presenting to the market. Fresh paint can play a big role in that presentation, especially if you’ve used paint to express your creativity. First, fr...
Is There Ever A Good Time To Take Real Estate Advice From Friends And Family?  When you're getting ready to purchase or sell a home here in Davie, you'll get plenty of advice, whether you ask for it or not. Everyone from cousin Gus who sold real estate back in 1982, Aunt Sally who sells real esta...
CAUTION... Use Your Home Equity With Care  Now that home prices are on the rise in many cities across the nation, homeowners are once again gaining equity – and that equity is like cash in a savings account. Actually, if prices continue to rise, it’s better than cash in a savings account, because...
Davie Home Buyers And Sellers – Take Heed!  Do you use Facebook? Are you planning to purchase or sell a Davie home? Then heed this warning.Posting about the purchase or sale of a home can cost you thousands of dollars. Computer savvy agents check Facebook to see what they can learn about people o...
Keep An Eye To Safety When Selling Your Davie Home  When you offer your Davie home for sale, it means that strangers will be exploring every room. While most of those strangers will be honest agents and honest people simply looking for a home, you need to take precautions against those who are vi...
Searching For A Home In Davie? Don’t Bypass These  When you’re searching for a new home here in Davie you may be automatically bypassing those that have been on the market “too long.” You may think there’s something wrong with the house or the neighborhood – otherwise it would have sold right awa...
If You Listed Your House Here In Davie And It Didn't Sell...  You’re probably wondering why. And… you may be blaming your agent. You could be right – perhaps you did choose a Davie real estate agent who didn’t do the job as promised. But before you assign blame, it might be time to look at what m...
                               What Matters The Agency Or The Agent?   When you’re planning to purchase or sell a home here in Davie you’ll get plenty of advice. Some of it will center on which agent or agency to choose. If your friends or family members have had a good experience with a certain ...
Do You Need  Buyers' Agent When Contracting To Buy A Newly Constructed Home In Davie? Yes, you absolutely need a buyers' agent when contracting to buy a newly constructed home – and you need that agent with you the first time you visit a contractor's model home. All too often buyers look at contr...
                 4 Common Items That Start Home Fires The potential causes for house fires may be the last thing on your mind. Paying close attention to fire hazards and taking the right precautions, however, are key safety measures every household member should take. Everyday items, which are of...

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