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    Last week I blogged about syncing my Top Producer with Outlook and many people contacted me to say “Hey great info for Outlook users but what about Google users?”  To those who asked- I have great news; Top Producer can do that too! Once set up, Top Producer Google Sync will automatically syn...
I can’t live without Outlook, it’s true, everything I need is in it. It holds all of my email contacts and all of my categorized and saved emails. It contains both my personal and professional calendar and important reminders. My computer had been sluggish so I decided to take it uptown to have ...
    At the end of each day I write out a to-do list for the next day and I normally order it from most important to least important. My daily goal is to get those top items done and if I have to move a few of the lower items to the next day, it’s generally not an issue. I am super organized and I...
      Though I have a business degree and I am a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, I am a writer at heart and as a result I am endlessly fascinated by listing descriptions. Below I’ve shared with you some more recent listing descriptions that I have discovered.   I tell clients to imagine that they ...
  It’s your first day as a Real Estate Agent and you are pumped! You show up to the office coffee in hand and hair perfectly in place. You get the office tour and see your assigned space. Then you get a brief overview of the CRM software that is used to manage your leads and clients. You spend t...
  Drip campaigns and email marketing are critical when cultivating relationships with leads. This is especially true when the lead does not provide a phone number. I recently had a prospective client that needed a real estate virtual assistant for just this reason. They had been utilizing Google...
  I recently worked with a Realtor that sold million dollar homes. They were wonderful people and had a beautiful website that was created by a website developer. Sounds like perfection doesn’t it? I am a bit of a spelling and grammar freak and though I don’t claim to be perfect on either (altho...
I learned a valuable lesson with Facebook ads. As I had some free ad credits to use, I thought I would increase my page likes so that I could interact with more Realtors. As a RealEstate Virtual Assistant my Facebook page offers a great variety of articles and resources as well as Top Producer 8...
    Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant for social media can save you countless hours. Social media can be confusing, overwhelming, and very time consuming. I have been a REVA (Real Estate Virtual Assistant) for many years and social media is constantly changing. Facebook, Twitter,Linkedin, Pi...

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