I have the most wonderful clients. I have a sweet young couple that has two small children. They have worked hard to plan their lives just right putting things in place like a well thought out game of chess.  The wife and I previewed property last week and showed her husband all the "good ones" o...
Today I am starting a new tradition. Thanksgiving at my house! Yay... ok ok I didn't make my first Turkey... but I'll do that next year for sure. I'm cooking everything else and I'm having friends and family over. I'm so excited to do this as my parents are now retired and traveling anywhere and ...
Join me today while I feature this beautiful home as an Open House.  This 4 bedroom, 2 bath, Huntington Beach home boast over 1700 square feet and is in a well sought after neighborhood. This Listing won't last. See the link for more details.
Steps to  Selling your Home: 1. Meet with a Realtor to make a plan. This plan may include, in addition to selling your current home, but purchasing another home and closing concurrently. 2. Fill out appropriate paperwork to get started. This paperwork will be provided by your Realtor. This should...
Steps to Buying your First Home   1. Meet with a Realtor - pick me :) 2. Meet with a Lender - I can refer a lender to you. Carefully research this lender, in addition ask them how they get paid and have them discuss closing costs. 3. Show property - this date should be planned about 48 hours in a...
Short Sale Specialist in Huntington Beach A Short Sale is when a seller (home owner) is short the equity to sell their home.   Many people mistake a short sale for a home sale that will close quickly. On the contrary, a short sale will actually take more time to close than a standard sales and mo...
I wrote 29 Offers last week... most of which are on homes with multiple offers. Is it really a buyer's market when my clients are writting higher offers just to get their offer accepted? Agents have an opportunity to use the option - "offers written" in the MLS. This allows agents to pass over th...
So many home owners are concerned about their equity. Where did it all go? The market went up and then down and some neighborhoods are all over the place as far as selling prices. Many of us need to move. We've been promoted and need to relocate, or we've had more kids and need more space or mayb...
Not sure if you can sell in this market? Not sure if you have the equity to sell or if you need to short sale? Or maybe you've had some changes and you know you need to short sale...   Call me today for your free evaluation. I can answer all of your questions.

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