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My blog covers whatever is on my mind. It travels the spectrum from Real Estate in Northern Virginia, local events, market reports, neighborhood data, business profiles and personal stories, and once in a while just some random craziness. I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to drop a note.



It is Monday, right? I'm feeling a little like I've been through a meat grinder today, and it's only 4:30 pm. Somehow, in the process of getting my buyers to closing table this week the dates for different things got mixed up. How? I have no idea. The closing date for my buyers was mysteriously m...
You know how it is when you pull up a listing and there is no photograph or only one? Or maybe you pull up a listing and there are ten photos of the exterior and none of the interior. I've always been a bit skeptical about looking at houses with no or few photos. There must be something wrong, ri...
"Hey, thanks for advocating for my client." That was the last thing I told a listing agent before we signed off on a contract today. His efforts to get his seller to accept the contract were really appreciated by all on my side.  It's great when you have agents on all sides working for the best o...
I'd like to introduce everyone to my colleague and friend, Mark Peter Lynch. Mark is my Winchester, VA go to guy for all things lending related. He has pulled some pretty big rabbits out of some pretty small hats for me in the past couple years. Mark works for PrimeLending, and he's a real pro in...
I seem to attract very clever and witty clients. Most of the clients that end up working with me are quick witted and ready to spar with me from the time we have our first conversation. I love it. That gives me a pretty good insight into how the deal will go as we get into a purchase.  Recently, ...
I've had a few random observations over the past few months, and they have made me curious. Is anyone else seeing similar things? These observations are certainly not scientific, but it almost makes me want to go back to college to do research. Let me give you a for instance. Many people seem to ...
One of the unique features of property management with Cornerstone Business Group, Inc. is that we reserved the right to inspect every property once a month. We do that when clients are new, and if they have shown a pattern of care, we may stretch that out to every other month.  I learned a long ...
There are certain things that make us memorable. Of course that can be good or bad. I prefer to be memorable in a good way. What about you? I've had a couple recent deals where the other players were memorable, but not in a good way. That got me to thinking, "What would have made them memorable i...
Forty-five years ago today, the world stood still and watched one of the most amazing events of mankind.  For a few brief moments, enemies set aside their differences, friends stood in awed silence, individuals ignored their biases, families gathered together and gazed quietly gazed off into spac...
If you've ever had a client ask what the return would be on various home repairs and remodeling projects, Stacy answers that for you below. This is a bookmark worthy blog. Please drop by and give her kudos. She'll really appreciate it.  Remodeling Projects With The Most Pay Back    Thinking of se...

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