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My blog covers whatever is on my mind. It travels the spectrum from Real Estate in Northern Virginia, local events, market reports, neighborhood data, business profiles and personal stories, and once in a while just some random craziness. I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to drop a note.



When my oldest son was about 2 years old, I wrote a letter to him explaining what I did for a living. I was a pastor of a church. In that letter, I explained how my job came about. It wasn't a role I chose. It was a calling I responded to. I explained to Jonny that he didn't need to follow in my ...
This past week I had a gentleman call me about a property I have listed. He apologized a dozen times for bothering me. I had to laugh because having a potential buyer call me is not a bother. It's a blessing. I get a number of these calls throughout the year, and it just confirms that a lot of pe...
I'm sure Andrea has struck a cord here. She has hit on a new marketing technique that is a bit creepy if it has been following you around. She also left us an "opt-out" link to get a little more privacy when we're online. Use it if all of the ads on your sidebar are creeping out. I am a big plann...
Markets change on a cyclical basis.  It doesn't matter if it's the stock market or the real estate market.  They cycle.  Unfortunately for most homeowners - they don't see cycles.  They see blood, sweat and tears and dollar signs.  Most market cycles are not devastating like the current one has b...
Well, I finally sucked it up and bought a new car. I hate car shopping. I don't like to test drive. I don't like to compare dealers and cars. I don't like dealing with salesmen. During this event, I let the salesman know that I was going to trust him, and I peppered that with numerous horror stor...
What's in a name? We've all heard that question at some point in life, but I have a different twist on it today. What's in an email name? I hadn't thought much about that until a friend was making comments about how unprofessional a Realtor's email address looked on a piece of mail.  All local Re...
Over the holidays, my parents both ended up in the hospital. My mother came home on New Year's Eve and my step-dad passed away January 4, 2015. During that time, I was in and out of the hospital constantly. In certain areas of the hospital you cannot receive emails, texts or calls. It's not speci...
I received this request first thing this morning: Hi, I found this listing on XXXXXX and would like to learn more about 128 xxxxxxxx Ln, Winchester, VA 22601. We are meeting with several other listing agents to view other properties on Sunday afternoon. Would you or someone in your office be avai...
I've been on a number of airline flights that had what we might call, issues. One of the first ones was a flight into Dallas, TX. When we landed, a wind shear hit the plane tipping up the right side and the left wing almost touched the runway. The pilot recovered and we landed safely. I suddenly ...
Business is important, and being good at business is something that takes constant effort. But, and that's a big but, life interrupts business. Over the past two weeks, both my mother and step-father have been in the hospital. My mother came home New Year's Eve. My dad never came home.  Today, I ...

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