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My blog covers whatever is on my mind. It travels the spectrum from Real Estate in Winchester VA, local events, market reports, neighborhood data, business profiles and personal stories. I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to drop a note.
About fifteen years ago, I returned from teaching my 6:00 am Spinning® class, ate breakfast, read the paper, took a hot shower and had a mini-stroke. After my recovery, I learned that taking a hot shower after a high level of exertion can trigger a stroke. My cycling classes were definitely high ...
Every time my dog gets up from a nap he does something that is a lesson for us smarter, but sometimes unaware humans. He stretches. It's good for his body, and it gives him a few seconds to become aware of his surroundings. Scripture tells us that "The heavens declare the glory of God" (Ps 19.1)...
I'm off on a long weekend relaxing and enjoying the Virginia Mountains. During a moment of temporary insanity, I decided to drop by a few of my favorite stores. In the midst of my adventure, it dawned on me that it's Black Friday. I'm sure that should be changed to Black and Blue Friday. It was e...
I just wanted to drop by Active Rain and say, "Happy Thanksgiving to all of the great Rainers I've met and those I will meet.  I hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends, and I hope you take a moment to reflect on all of the things you're blessed with in this great country.  Even on...
Our society seems so disjointed and divided at this time in our history. The truth is, it has been here before, and it has healed and returned to a community before becoming disjointed and divided again. It's a sad cycle that seems to repeat itself, but on a positive note, our freedom gives us th...
It's Thanksgiving Week and for all of the turkeys in our lives, I say we should celebrate.  Let's have a great narcoleptic inducing meal followed by reflections of the turkeys we love to talk about on the Blogosphere and Active Rain.  For instance: The Bloated Price Turkey - full of visions of un...
In a blog last week, I detailed working with a very green agent who was trying to submit an offer on one of my listings. It took five days to get a worthy contract in our hands. That ended up being six versions of what ultimately became a sign-able contract. There was a little negotiation back an...
During the 1990s, one of my great pleasures was teaching people about money. I had the privilege of pulling a lot of people out of poverty during those years, but it wasn't the kind of poverty that draws government assistance. It wasn't the type of poverty that survived on food stamps and welfare...
Late one night, I was getting ready for bed, but my stomach was growling.  What could I eat that wasn't too heavy and was quick and easy?  Peanut butter.  I know, anything right before bed could lead to dragons and one-eyed sloths dragging me off for a midnight snack in my dreams, but the growlin...
You've probably heard of the books "If you give a Moose a muffin" or "If you give a mouse a cookie", but how about If you give a Realtor a referral? I've been away at a conference all week and with a pinch of ADD, my mind wanders and zany ideas come about. So, here goes, "If you give a Realtor a ...

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