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My blog covers whatever is on my mind. It travels the spectrum from Real Estate in Northern Virginia, local events, market reports, neighborhood data, business profiles and personal stories, and once in a while just some random craziness. I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to drop a note.
I vaguely remember saying, "I can't wait for 2019 to be over." I was looking for a reset and little did I know how much 2020 was not the reset I was looking for. In 2019 and early 2020, I lost 13 friends and families members from July 11th forward. One of those included my mother. I did the eulog...
Shenandoah Valley Real Estate & Covid-19What impact did Covid-19 have on the Shenandoah Valley, VA real estate market in May 2020? Almost none. Does that surprise you? It did me. I expected to see a radical shift in the amount of homes sold and the prices of those closings. It didn't happen. Numb...
 During this Memorial Day weekend, as with every Memorial Day weekend, I find myself humbled by the incredible people who have filled the ranks of our military. Many of those brave souls have paid the ultimate price for their commitment. That level of dedication is almost incomprehensible, but it...
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Has the Coronavirus Affected Your Real Estate Market?There is one question I hear every week, and nearly every day. Has the Coronavirus affected the local real estate market? My response is “it depends.” It depends on how you look at it, what you look at, and are the numbers sufficiently differen...
I would like to announce that I was out saving lives this morning. Yep, I entered Martins from the door on the total opposite side of the building from car. I almost made the mistake of entering through the door I parked by (because of an ankle injury), but thank God for the rent-a-cop yelling at...
Does your work-life flow? Having a system is always my dream, but in reality, my system is more of a nightmare at times. Last week, I spent a few days running around my office, home, searching through our cars and digging through my desk trying to find a set of keys for one of our rentals. Most o...
This blog popped up on my Facebook page today as a "4 Years Ago" memory. It's still true. This little dandelion gardener will be 6 this year.  I have the most beautiful array of little yellow flowers all over my back yard. Some of my neighbors hate them and do everything they can to get rid of th...
Which House Will Sell First?I often have clients, friends and colleagues ask me what it takes to sell a home fast. Everyone wants to sell fast and for the most money, and it is possible, but you need to understand how the real estate game is played. Take a look at the photo below and pick a house...
The Covid-19 virus has quarantined much of the nation. For some, the quarantine is like being grounded while in high school. For others, my wife for instance, it's a gift. No matter how you mentally handle this time of social distancing, what you do with this time could be an awesome benefit when...

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