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My blog covers whatever is on my mind. It travels the spectrum from Real Estate in Winchester VA, local events, market reports, neighborhood data, business profiles and personal stories. I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to drop a note.
One of my all-time favorite shows has been Restaurant Impossible. In the show, chef Robert Irvine arrives at the doorstep of a failing restaurant, at the owners request, to help it turn around and turn profitable. The new season has just started and the fireworks are flying. The thing I like most...
I love to have systems in place for business. The only challenge I see in some systems is that sometimes, they can feel mechanical and impersonal. I'm a firm believer in keeping up with past clients. I've reviewed a lot of "systems" for accomplishing that task, but every time I've looked at one i...
I recently posted about a con-artist who was trying to buy one of my listings. Thank goodness for the Internet. It is so easy to track people and their history today, I'm surprised some of these scammers stay at it. I hope the quick access to information is making their lives harder.I received an...
I've notice a strange phenomenon over the past couple months. I've had a series of cleaning, lawn-care, and handyman disappointments this year. So, I've decided to take the bull by the horns and do something about it. Our real estate company is branching out into other real estate related fields....
I was walking into a convenience store this morning and a gentleman waited until I arrived at the door so he could hold it for me. He had already held it for three or four people. I said, "Thank you," to which he replied, "Absolutely, brother. It's a simple act of kindness. It didn't take any eff...
Words paint pictures. They create images, inspire art, break hearts, set the course of history, challenge beliefs, confirm knowledge, injure, heal, etc. Words have power, and that power can be good or bad, hot or cold, life giving or life stealing. One of my favorite Bible verses is Proverbs 18.2...
Do your homework - if you don't, it could have legal consequences.Real estate is not exempt from con artists and slime-balls. You already know that, but some scammers are more talented than others. If you're not careful, you can find yourself in a tornado of excitement at the initial contact, str...
With the advent of mega-online companies opening the possibility of buyers and sellers going directly through them and avoiding dealing with agents, a full blown panic has broken out in the hearts of some agents. I hear the mantra of "they're going to do away with the need for Realtors," ringing ...
Yep, some days are glorious and you're spiking the football, setting off fireworks, and blasting Facebook with updates, and then, some days you're up a power pole without an elevator. There you are, minding your own business, taking a stroll and out of nowhere, the dogs of Hell are nipping at you...
You knew it was bound to happen eventually. You can go online, find a sofa and it's delivered within two days. Thanks Amazon. Amazon has changed the way the world shops. They can sell just about anything, anywhere and for less than just about any other product provider globally.Is it any wonder t...

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