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My blog covers whatever is on my mind. It travels the spectrum from Real Estate in Northern Virginia, local events, market reports, neighborhood data, business profiles and personal stories, and once in a while just some random craziness. I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to drop a note.
“Keep on going, and the chances are that you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I never heard of anyone ever stumbling on something sitting down.”CHARLES F. KETTERING In the mid-1990s, I was on a mission. I had a plan, and a goal that was centered on academics and...
Shenandoah Valley, VA Real Estate Report - Second Quarter 2021The Shenandoah Valley, VA real estate report for the second quarter of 2021 is good news for local real estate. Across the valley, home sales are up 12.57% over 2020. It would be easy to assume that is due to the Covid-19 lockdowns of ...
One of the great privileges I've enjoyed in life has been teaching as an adjunct college professor in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.  When communism collapsed, a few US groups went into the Ukraine to set up colleges to help with biblical training for new ministers and children's church teachers.  I was in...
Alright, it's pool season and with a 6 year old granddaughter, we have a renewed enthusiasm when taking the pool cover off. This year our enthusiasm went from excitement to complete confusion. About 70% of the water was gone when the cover came off. What? Where did it go? The water level was only...
The pandemic was not good for me. I didn't get sick during the pandemic mania, actually, I had Covid-19 in February 2020 before all of the lock-downs and hysteria that followed. No, the lock-downs and miscellaneous periods of quiet gave me way too much time to think and plot future opportunities....
Many years ago, I was buying rental properties in another community. That meant many trips there to paint, repair and prepare properties for rent. I typically traveled alone, but once in a while, my wife traveled with me and helped with the work. The rest of the time, she was home taking care of ...
Buying a home in this crazy market can be challenging. On a recent listing, I received 17 offers and had 55 showings in 58 hours. With that level of competition, every home buyer needs to find a way to gain a competitive advantage. When you are trying to buy a house, think about these things: Alw...
Sometimes, people believe their own errors, when the truth is easier.Our family has a wonderful friend who has spent 3-4 years searching Dr Google to find a reason he felt certain sensations in his body. He self-diagnosed everything from "I'm about to have a heart attack," to "I have cancer," to ...
The attached article was from an interview the local media did with me concerning our first quarter market. Click on the graph and enjoy! 
Do you ever have that one listing where every odd is against you from the beginning, but failure is not an option. I'm in the middle of that one now, but it is having a happy ending. About 45 days ago, a man came to my office to ask if I could sell his parents home. They are both in a nursing hom...

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