There are 106 Affordable Homes for Sale in Midlothian, Texas. In Midlothian there are several types of Affordable Homes. The most prevalent is the single family brick home. There are also wood frame homes, manufactured homes in some of the rural areas. There are several subdivisions that have a...
   If you are looking for a Luxurious, yet Glamorous Lifestyle in Ellis County, Texas. There are many communities and areas that can meet these needs. Luxury Homes can have many definitions. In Ellis County Luxury Homes can start at $300,000.00.   Luxury Homes are available in most communities in...
   The Extremly Cold weather has brought in a lot of icey roads. Schools were closed for the Second day today. It appears that many local schools will be closed again on Thursday February 3,2011. Temperatures are supposed to drop to record lows again tonight and only get to the mid twenties on Th...
North Texas GMAC Real Estate is now Converted to Real Living Real Estate Group. We are very excited. Through the summer we have been having twice a month meetings. Two weeks ago we jumped on all the new technology platform that we have. After the meeting it was agreed that we should go back to we...
Seven weeks ago we launched a 25 week training program. The results are begining to pay off. Our attendance is increasing weekly. The first seven weeks has been about the basics in service and in core marketing and self development. The classes are running about an hour to 2 hours. The classes ar...
North Texas GMAC Real Estate has launched a new Agent Advantage Training Program. This 25 week training program will help agents business to grow through 2009. We do not believe that just because the national market has slowed that our agents should see a slow down. This innovative training will ...

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