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  After many years of working all aspects of Real Estate, several long term industry professionals have formed a business to find solutions to the unique problems found in todays markets. United Solutions offers services to asset managers and fund managers to assist in the sale and marketing of B...
    Another day of having to make the runs in my local area to replace signs... Every day, the signs are pulled, and I have to go back out. What a waste of time. We now have signs up offering a $ 1,000.00 REWARD to anyone that will take a video of the jokers removing the signs from the yards, and...
  My new Blackberry Tour is an amazing phone. It has all the capabilities of my last Blackberry, which was a Curve. However, when my buddy at the Verizon store said he could get me twice the phone for zero dollars out of pocket, how could I say no.   Well, one of the many things this phone comes ...
Its the business that we choose, this Real Estate Game. Some days seem to be moving backwards... Today we made progress. After putting signs back on all the properties yesterday, today the phone was ringing off the hook... I get better at passing the ones that need financing over to some local mt...
    I now am working full time in HUD homes in Central Fl with Trent Realty....We have 7 counties and the phone rings off the hook. My job would be made much easier if the other agents pushing thier bandit signs all around our listings would stop the misleading advertising....$100 down buys this...
  So this is the post that will put me over the top of the 100,000 point mark. For the last day or so I have been contemplating what should be in this landmark post. I thought about placing links in here for some of my favorites.   I thought about quoting some of the posts that generated phone ca...
  Who ever thinks the housing market is slow is not working lower priced homes in FL. In fact, I can't remember the last phase of my life where I was this busy. Busy.....Busy.....Busy.......   At least 20 times a day I answer the phone....They want to know about some home or another, and want me ...
   I am marketing a list of REO homes that can be cherry picked.  Take one or take 5 or 10 at a time, qualified buyers no longer have to buy the whole package. Some homes come with warranty deeds, some are quit claim. We have packages that are Nationwide, and some that are Fl only. These deals ar...
The last few weeks I have been working the HUD Beat..That is I feel like I am getting beat up working all the calls that come in from all the people wanting to talk about HUDs..   Why is it that people put all thier faith in these signs that pop up around all my listings..."$100.00 down to buy th...
  For anyone that has seen me post before, you know how I feel about the smoke and mirrors game of BULK REO. I am now direct to 3 sources of this product, and can prove it. NEW UPDATE !!  HUD homes in Central Fl are now available thru me since I joined Trent Realty, Inc. Trent has the contract wi...

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