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My preface to this post is a follow up on a Post by Mr Don Rodgers, an experienced veteran of many eras of Real Estate.  He just put out a post against a certain reporter that claimed this is not a good time to be buying Real Estate, and that your home should not be considered an investment. So I...
Hey..I have been out of touch for a while....SO when Lenn wrote a post about the VOWs not getting the job done, and the problems arising out of it, I was not sure what she was refferring to.  So, off to Google I go, where I find this article from Realty Times...a nice online Mag to look thru. Aft...
I see many things are changing. Be careful of the banks, what will happen when they cannot balance thier sheets any more. When banks MUST start dumping the foreclosures....when the FED can't cover.... Who will the banks turn to when the FED Can't cover...Who will the FED turn to when it can't Cov...
  SO today I am doing my normal business, working on my contracts that are coming due soon. Its a nice busy time, we have several deals coming up to close...Yipee comes to mind!!! My phone rings, a PRIVATE Number shows on the screen. By no fault of thier own, occasionially calls come thru that g...
Hello All, How's the world treating you. Me, I'm tired. Its been a long month, with all the moving and weekend at the beach, and non stop working in Commercial Real Estate in between Today was a great day. I starte early, and got up at 5:00 Am to get ready for a Land Conference down in Lakeland F...
  There is a quiet undertone in the business. Those in the Know are whispering amoungst themselves. The time is drawing near, the bottom is approaching. Like Sunrise, we know it will come, but there is no exact time to make the determination. There seem to be factors that would signal the approa...
Yes, there was a time when I was interested in doing BPOs', there was a process to be learned, a goal to be reached. It was never about the money, I wanted to say that I was part of the process, that I had some input on the lender side of the Foreclosure Machinery. I wanted t gain a greater know...
I have been buying and selling distressed properties for a long time. We used to call the short sales a different name. They used to be called "Work Out Properties". We used to be able to get a list from a local banker and we would have a short appointment to see what we could "Work Out" on gett...
  Today started like most. Up early, drink coffee made the night before while looking over the days schedule. I like mornings, and today I felt ready for what was to come. I spent time chatting with my Wife as she got ready to go to work at her Job at the Lawyers office. She is a bright girl, an...
THe last time I looked, the rules of Real Estate were clearly spelled out for all to see. Its not hard to even find them. In your manual, on line, or if you are not sure, most states have a free legal help line for questions. How sad it is that they have to have have a section on ethics, spelled ...

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