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What a time to be in Real Estate. THere are so many deals, so little time. I am still operating as a buyers agent for investors, that is what we do at Developers Capital Realty, LLC Our days involve sorting thru the various emails and Fed Ex packages that come in every day. I want to thank Active...
This morning I am reading about another Rainer who had a Teary Eyed Fatherhood moment. This weekend sure did it for me too. This post has been renamed for the Most Positive Moments Contest I am the proud father of four young men, who I raised as a single dad for much of their life. I was dating m...
  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   The afterglow of a (NOT So) glorious weekend...I have never been so happy to see a Monday morning arrive......Sipping coffee in the early morning hours..The birds are chirping and the sprinklers are kicking in. I helped my youngest son move this weekend..He has moved from a ...
    I have been reading a bit of the posts here on Active Rain again after a brief hiatus. Barely three months into my new job and I have a hard time relating to the majority of the posts in here.I still enjoy the points made on many of the old staples, and have found some new contrbutors that ha...
 What a wonderful way to end the day...sitting here in my office listening to Debbie Andersohn, yes thats Brads wife, singing her song on the video he put out on todays blog.I was listening to it about 5:30 AM this morning, and somehow this afternoon I liked it better. I think its great to get to...
Its a beautiful day here in Leesburg, Fl. In early spring everything is blooming, and after some above average rainfall lately, the grass is so green on all the yards. I ride my local neighborhoods on a regular basis, you get a different perspective while pedaling.I have a nice Trek Bike I bought...
For the last few months I have been working with a new company that deals in distressed properties. Developers Capital Realty, LLC is primarily a buyers agent for investment funds seeking representation in the local l markets. We also have interests, and property aquisitions in other states, but ...
  So this fine cool April morning finds me working on deal analysis spreadsheet software at six am, again. I have been getting up early to work on these  complicated beasts while I am the sharpest, with no distractions from the outside world. I hear the welcoming sounds of the coffee pot that is ...
   This afternoon I am installing an old external hard drive to use as a shared drive between myself and the other guys in our office. I found a bunch of pics on here from a few years ago, and I was off to nostagia land. One series of pics were from around New Years day a few years back when I ga...
  Where do I start??Active Rain was such a big part of my life, my career for so long, how do I now go days without even logging onto the site. I used to go to Active Rain before I checked my Email, now, I feel guilty to bypass my favorite hangout for other, more need driven  activities. I am now...

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