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 Hello Active Rainers wondering if they should stay in the business...Maybe so, maybe not...Maybe there is a niche you should be in, maybe a different town to specialize in. Many are frustrated and running out of options. With this in mind, I offer this post. I started tis as a response to a Post...
                 Its a rainy Saturday Morning in the neighborhood. Its quiet, and outside our window is a large tree with a dozen or so small birds that are learning to fly..Thier occasional light chirping is all that interupts the quiet of this Saturday morning. This is the beauty of living in L...
  The Overseas Markets are going crazy. The mortgage backed securities are being dumped, and no takers are in sight. Bear Stearns, is experiencing an old fashioned Run On The Bank...and there is no cash left, just a few billion dollars worth of now devalued securities that can't be used as collat...
  My name is Mike Norvell Sr, and I am with Developers Capital Realty, LLC.  Our current emphasis is on finding subdivisions that are close to going under. We will examine the property, go over all the financial we can find, and then make an offer...It seems so easy,  but many subdivisions in tro...
 Its 5:30 AM and I am reading the updates from the Orlando Business Journal. In it we can find who is getting promoted, who is getting relocated, who is looking for a way out. There are clues that may be interesting to those who want to know which way your area is growing.The Business Journal has...
  Many Investors are really looking for guidance. We as Realtors have tools and training to find what the normal consumer can't. The MLS is a super tool, and it's getting much stronger all the time.I have been working with Iinvestors now for quite a while... I quit pursuing them after becoming a ...
 There comes a time in your life when you recognise the choice in front of you. It's one you have seen before. Sometimes it's disguised as a slightly different version of the choice, but you have seen this dilemma before.What do you do?? Do you just blindly move ahead and try to navigate the situ...
 We have to be so careful of headlines..How many times have you found a story did not reflect the headline?? Lately, My Reading Material has changed. I don't mean i went from Dear Abby to Hints to Heloise. In my new position with Developers Capital Realty, I have  made a change from one house at ...
  I am not believing the pricing around here. Its up in places and down in others. I am looking at a older medical building that was over 2 million and now ..who knows.. 800,000 maybe...if you can find someone to buy it. It might be better served to bulldoze and go for a more modern look.But, in ...
 Its been a week since Hillary won a few states and declared victory. Obama won 11 states in a row, Hillary wins three,and suddenly the tide has turned. I still don't hear what either one of thiem will pledge to do about the mortgage crisis. Or about the runaway fuel costs. I know many people say...

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