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I have seen a lot of posts lately about the responsibility of the homeowner to NOT walk away from the upside down mortgage mess they are in. There is much ado about the moral ramifications and the hit it will place on your credit. With all due respect to these wonderful experts, I think, in fact ...
  First and foremost: Mike Norvell Sr is now with Trent Realty. We work as marketing agents for HUD & REO Bank homes in 7 counties in Central Fla. I now am representing all of Lake County, Fl HUD Homes, Lake County, Florida REO Bank Owned Properties for Trent Realty. Bidding on these HUD HOMES in...
For a multitude of reasons, I chose to take a break from this and all other forums for the last few months. During this time, I rediscovered local markets and real life deals far removed from the fantasy land of these multitudes of internet offers. I rediscovered working every day with real peopl...
HUD No. 10-012Andrea Mead(202) 402-0685 FOR RELEASEThursdayJanuary 14, 2010 HUD SECRETARY DONOVAN ANNOUNCES $2 BILLION IN RECOVERY ACT GRANTS TO STABLIZE NEIGHBORHOODS, REBUILD LOCAL ECONOMIESStabilization grants to help neighborhoods recover from the housing crisis WASHINGTON – U.S. Housing and...
  Ok.. That is great news for investors........But it still won't take same day A B C transactions.   I have access to transactional funding that will cover the spread for up to 30 days, possibly longer.   Of course, there are rules, and its not free. But it may be the difference between getting ...
Here I am again...   Its been a month or more since I was here last. There was a time when Active Rain was the first click of the day..   What happened??   Mainly, I took time that I was spending here and went to go make some money. I continue to come back to the Real Estate market with a sincere...
  Please go look into this...we are finally getting some action on the Big Health Insurance Companies having monopolies in states....not allowing competition. Did you know that Health Insurance Companies are exempt from the Sherman Anti Trust Laws...them and Major League Baseball... WIthout compe...
  The uproar over Roman Polanski is pissing me off. The amount of hollywood "stars" coming out in support of this child molestor is beyond belief....hey Debra WInger...lets put your grandaughter in the room with him and then see how you feel. I have twin Grand daughters that will be 10 in a few w...
Well, the big money politicians killed the public option again yesterday. Several were quoted as saying that there was no real support for the public option........What!!!!!!!!!   Apparently, what we need to do is to strip all of Congress and all Washington workers (who have Gov Run Health Care) ...
  Wow...I am back on Active Rain...And I love my Air Card Powered netbook that allows me to write comments like this during the day, between stops. Lets make the point again...I am an independent person with no real "Big Box Broker Franchise" affiliation.  A question continues to come up as why w...

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