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  Hey all you Active Rainers...I have been working on a new website. Its just getting off the ground, and we are now getting the actual content squared away, the links working, and are looking forward to the pic tables that will actually do button rollovers , meaning that a "button will react in...
Earlier in the day I saw I had a comment directly from Mr Andy..For whatever reason. he has decided to pull his persona from this humble platform. So, to those who do not know, in the way of Prince to that symbol, Mr Andy J Lenza has gone to "Blogger To Be Named Later" Mass deleted???? Can't you ...
Ok, I admit I have left the AR icon on my desktop to get a bit dusty. After all I have ever said about Active Rain, I do admit that somehow I have gotten out of the habit of clicking that little AR button. I have so many new buttons now. I have joined Linked In, Plaxo Pulse, REO Experts, Lets Ne...
 Good Morning Andy...I saw your farewell post is continuing to gather comments. So, rather than talk about Real Estate, lets talk about ......birds, rain, and that old storm named Fay Ahhhhhhhhhhhh    I do love my mornings. Today was weird. There was a sound coming from outside that I faintly re...
  The last few weeks have been a bit busy. We have been meeting with a lot of people. We are searching for Professionals in Fl to refer business to and feel a face to face meeting is a great way to get a better feel for how we might be able to work with someone. Makes sense to me. Whats all the m...
  Today I had the pleasure of trying to break a bulk REO package deal down into an investment structure rather than a complicated series of hundreds of houses. The guests' name was David, a professional marketing consultant who was trying to understand the process of Buying bulk REO packages and ...
  I found this list the other day, I can't disagree with anything butthe order...If this is the list, how would you rewrite the order by level of importance to declining home prices.       Top 20 reasons home prices will continue to drop in South Florida    1. Home prices are still overvalued by...
Hello Folks......As I have stated many times here, I go back and read way back on many of my favorite people here on AR. I found a gem in an old post by Jason Sardi, who had some good ideas about keeping in touch with your SOI..thats Sphere of Influence for the rest of us... It reminds me of when...
  As a result of many things going well, but not perfect, I have come full circle. As I stated in a previous post, I have been working with investors on larger land deals, nice big stuff with huge back ends. Suddenly, a fund manager says" Hey Mike, who do ya know that could put together a portfo...
Hello World   Active Rain has put me in the eyes of the world again! Due to my participation here, I have been chosen again for an interview with Investors Business Daily.   http://www.investors.com/editorial/IBDArticles.asp?artsec=27&issue=20080717   I'm am not really sure how 15 minutes of conv...

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