In prior weeks I wrote about, “The IRS Collection Process”, “IRS Collection Letters” and “The Final IRS Notice”.This week I am writing about the first step you need to take in order to solve your tax problems, which is to get into “tax compliance”.Before you can enter into any agreement with the ...
I am attaching a couple of links here for the Active Rain community to use. The first is the "Resources" page of my website: This page contains downloadable (pdf) brochures on > 100 tax topics. Feel free to click on whatever is helpful to you. The next link i...
Last week I wrote about “IRS Collection Letters” (CP 501,503 and 504) that become increasingly threatening as time goes on and your tax debt remains unpaid.You can also link to my first blog, the “IRS Collection Process” which is an overview of what you are in for if you owe the IRS back taxes.Af...
Last week I wrote about the “IRS Collection Process” and the steps taxpayers need to take in order resolve their tax debts along with some alternatives that are available to them.This week I am going to take a step back and go into detail on some of the compliance and collection letters that taxp...
What do you do after you receive your first collection notice from the IRS?Sit down, take a deep breath and call a tax professional. My practice handles collections cases all the time and I can help you.It helps to know how the IRS Collection Process works. Here’s a brief overview:          Once ...

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