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People who work in both real estate and retail depend on sales for their livelihood. In real estate, however, consumers who are looking for a home are probably about to make the biggest purchase of their lives. They want the best and they want value. Real estate prices span the same extremes as t...
Over the past three years I have had a social media presence.  I have a fair amount of followers and have engaged on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  I have been trying to get engaged on Google+, read Chris Brogan's book, but I’m still struggling there a bit. Now, if you haven't guessed, I am in...
Since we (Concierge Auctions) auction luxury real estate around the U.S., I use Zillow to update me on changes in several luxury markets. It doesn't matter if you are selling a luxury home or any other priced home in America.  At our recent event, The Key 2012, one of the agents in attendance bro...
2012 was a fantastic year for our team at Concierge Auctions.  I wanted to write about our year in review before last year ended, but just didn't get the opportunity. When I joined Concierge Auctions 3 years ago the profile of our clients selling their properties via auction was significantly dif...
I have been doing a lot of thinking on this subject, but not a ton of writing. I think in one of my previous posts I said I would write on the subject, so here it is. I consider myself extremely lucky getting to participate in meetings at some outstanding real estate companies around the country...
I learned in Jackson Hole this past week that they are making Top Picks every week in the market.  After seeing the statistics about how many of these properties are selling quickly I decided to venture on the endevour. For almost a year now I have been e-mailing my top picks to my clients, but d...
  At Rezora, we have been pondering some questions as we look at additional functionality to our system – specifically around how lead generation and the agent/client relationship is handled. As we continue to work through various scenarios, we would like to reach out to each of you and invite yo...
As seen in the Aspen Times ASPEN — Aspen's anemic real estate industry got a boost Friday from the $43 million sale of a Red Mountain mansion. Cheek Subdivision LLC of Addison, Texas, sold the home to 421 Willoughby Investors in a deal that closed Friday and was recorded with the Pitkin County Cl...
According to Borrell and Associates “Real Estate Outlook 2007-20012” report, online real estate advertising will outpace print newspaper advertising within the next five years. The report forecasts newspaper will receive $4.8 billion in advertising revenue in 2007, while online advertising will r...

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