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This is a true story. Yesterday, we had a man come into our office who was driving a street-sweeping machine.  He handed his cellphone to our DOFI (Director of First Impressions) and has a colleague of his explain that the person standing in front of her did not speak English, was from Poland, wa...
These numbers are from 2010.  It usually takes a little while to compile them for each year.  Here are some of the highlights: #1 most affluent community in the State of Georgia (US Census) #6 fastest growing county in America (CNN Money) #7 fastest growing town (Cumming, Georgia) in America (For...
I just finished working last year with a client who had a cat.  This person was young and single, and had a little baggage in the form of a cat.  At first, he was looking for a home to purchase, but due to location uncertainty with work, decided to rent instead. First, we had real trouble finding...
From the ages of 7 to 18, I worked in our family plumbing & electrical supplies store.  During that time, I saw lots of DIY (Do It Yourselfers) come in needing help with some issue.  With leaky faucets, especially these days, a full replacement just isn't necessary.  Usually, the problem is one o...
Ladies, please hear me out on this one.  Feel free to correct or criticize as obviously I am not terribly well versed in the subject of pregnancy.  So, here goes: Deciding to buy a home is sort of like pre-pregnancy.   It's a lot of fun, very exciting and expends some very positive energy.  After...
I do a fair amount of training in our offices regarding personality profiles, sales psychology, etc.  A while back, I had a buyer who loved my listing, made an offer and had the inspection done.  She got cold feet and wanted to terminate her offer.  At first, the impulse is to fight and save the ...
I had a funny idea today in the office, and with a little help from my friends, put together this video.  I hope you like it.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20g5NnHLohM
I've been watching something the last 60 days that I've personally decided may be a trend here in Cumming, Forsyth County, Georgia. I've noted several examples of this phenomenon, but I'll use one property as an example.  I listed this two-story, late 90's build home with a finished terrace level...
I have had 2 instances lately where agents have logged into a lockbox and been unable to make them open.  Immediately after both instances, I opened each lockbox on the first try. Being a former engineer, I think I can be of help here.  These lockboxes are mechanical devices.  In both instances, ...
In an uncertain market, there are several reasons why this can happen. First, banks are now required to choose appraisers somewhat blind, so they can't necessarily use someone local who knows the market. For instance, I had an appraiser come from Spartanburg, SC to value a property in Forsyth Cou...

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