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This question has been rehashed by the talking heads on T.V. time and time again.  We all have our theories as to why it happened and who are the villians.  Some say it was the fault of the banks.  Some say it was the predatory lenders.  Some say it was investors buying up property causing inflat...
We've come a long way, baby! And, yes, we still have a way to go. Here is the master vanity now with it's new marble, new sinks and new faucets. Here you can see the before.  We still need to paint the master bath. Here is the livingroom before. And after. New carpet and new paint.  Now the ceili...
                         I guess we opened a can of worms!  We could not have imagined such a simple suggestion would cause such a BIG STINK! We are advising a lovely client how to prepare her home for sale in Santee.  She is a widow in her 70's; a dear.  Among many other things we suggested she ...
Some brave financial analysts are coming out of the gloom closet.  The chief economist for the Cleveland-based bank National City Corp (NCC, Fortune 500), Richard DeKaser, said that "housing valuations are almost back to long-term norms."  'Valuation' is defined as the difference between what a h...
Really?  What happened? While we were all reading and listening to the bad news, someone has been buying homes! Dataquick reported that Southern California homes sales in April are at the highest levels since August of 2007. The bulk of the sales have mainly been in homes under $500,000 as those ...
Who Knew?  Getting the FLU in the Merry Month of May!?  I certainly didn't expect this.  I was completely blindsided with it this morning.  Not that anyone is ever really ready to get the flu, but some inkling that it's going around town would have been nice.  I would have washed my hands more of...
Day 27 Don't you just love sod? WOW. Instant (well, not for the guys laying it!) beauty!      The inside is still lagging. I remember when we were building our home, the framing went up slam bam and you thought, "We're almost done!" Then the interior, the finishing touches, began. And man, oh man...
Bloomberg.com posted the news that Consumer Confidence fell to a 5-year low and home prices as measured by the S&P/C-S Index experienced their greatest decline since at least 2001. San Diego experienced a year-over-year decline of 19.2% Will they drop further? Some say yes; some say maybe; some s...
Mike came home the other evening all discouraged from the flip.  He said he feels we're aren't making headway as fast as we should be.  Well, he has ALWAYS hated to paint.  And he has always hated to paint TRIM especially!  And guess what is left to paint?  Yup.  Doors and miles and miles of tri...
Day 21Yup.  Picked it out today down at Florentine Countertops off Moreno Blvd in San Diego.  The color is cool - most granite is.  It has a black background with flecks of brown and green.  Nature is amazing, isn't it?  The black will pull in the black-framed garden window, the green will be a n...

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