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Thoughts of a warm-hearted but opinionated long-time Realtor who sells residential property in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas, including resale, new build, military relocation, helping out-of-state owners sell their Colorado Springs rental property, with a passion for Victorian, Vintage, and Mid-Century Modern homes.
I met him in early November and it was love at first sight. I was in my early 30s and he had just turned 96. As I saw him walking toward me at the elderly care facility where my grandmother lived, Florenz immediately captured my heart. I used to take my five young daughters to visit regularly. We...
To say I am a fifth-generation Realtor might sound clichéd, but being able to trace my family to before the Civil War and know this was the chosen profession of my ancestors makes it more impressive. Real estate is in my blood. I have discovered that as far back as my great-great grandfather, Wi...
Fifth Generation Land Trader Real estate is in my blood. Generations before me were passionate about the trading of land, about building restoration, about the purchase and sale of property. I am proudly carrying on that tradition. In the mid 1800s in Central Florida, my great-great grandfather, ...
CANCER SUCKSI wouldn't wish cancer on anyone and I refuse to make a big deal out of it in my life. I don't have cancer, but for the past six months I've had chemo. Every two weeks, four days the first week and then recovery time, I have been injected with poisons to kill some radical cells that w...
How do you determine value?A competent REALTOR will examine the market for homes similar to yours that have sold over the past six-to-twelve months in your immediate area to determine which are most similar to yours. They should also look at the houses that didn't sell to get a feeling for what w...
Always thankful for my eldestMany years ago when I started in ActiveRain I shared this story in a longer version. It shaped my life. As we enter this Season of Thankfulness, I couldn't let it pass without knowing that the choice I made as a scared young woman is one of the greatest blessings of m...
I’m thankful for communication  Of late, it has become a conern to me that people have evolved into ugly and nasty taunters as they sit behind their keyboards and express their flaming ideas with no thought that their words are hurtful or harmful to the ones they are addressing - people they don'...
PB & JelliesThis was one of my first forays into video. I represented this client when he bought the store and thought it was a clever marketing angle. His life took a different turn and he is no longer running the shop, but this was a cute memory.  Over the years my videos improved . . . but the...
Too Many to CountIf you know me at all, you know that, several decades later, I'm still madly in love with my husband. His "love language" is Acts of Service, and there's not a day that passes that he doesn't show me in some form or another how much he loves me. While I was contemplating somethin...
It's Time to StartHard as it is to believe, the Holiday Season is fast approaching. Don't wait until it's too late to write a meaningful, evergreen post. One of my favorite things to do in ActiveRain is to make lists of blogging ideas. Here are some to get you started for the upcoming Holidays be...

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