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Thoughts of a warm-hearted but opinionated long-time Realtor who sells residential property in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas, including resale, new build, military relocation, helping out-of-state owners sell their Colorado Springs rental property, with a passion for Victorian, Vintage, and Mid-Century Modern homes.
Not only is this a great idea to have people update their AR photos, but it's long overdue. I had a series of photos taken almost a decade ago and I thought I hadn't changed much (wishful thinking). Since this was the picture I used on most of my marketing, (and I believed it was representative o...
ENTITLED AND UNGRATEFUL BUYER Cash buyers from out of state purchasing for their son, his girlfriend, and a new baby.Three bedroom, two bath with loft and two decks, one deck overlooking a pool in a 1970s condo complex. Inexpensive but nice.I represented the Seller and left keys at the desk of th...
Tenant from HadesIt was supposed to be a simple inspection. I’ve been a Realtor for decades and am conscientious with people's property. I coordinated all of the necessary inspections on a four-plex for a three-hour window today so we only had to disturb the tenants once.One of the tenants is a s...
Every now and then a unique listing comes along that is unlike anything else on the market. 115 Canon Avenue is just such a place. The feeling of a New York loft tucked along the creek in downtown Manitou Springs in a gated community is the ideal setting to relax in seclusion or entertain with i...
Tenant Excuses I Don’t Want to Hear AgainBeing a Realtor is sometimes challenging, but listing a home with renters can put a whole new spin on the process. Why do I have to pay the last month’s rent if I’ve already moved out? Why do I have to have the carpets cleaned if we never used those rooms?...
I have had three Inspection Notices in the past week asking for my Sellers to have their air ducts cleaned. Since there is no visible sign of build up in any of them, and they weren't from the same inspector, I could only assume this was a new wave of items to go on 'the list.' All three also ask...
Soaring views and secluded lofty living This stunning home in the Broadmoor Bluffs area of Colorado Springs is ideal for countless lifestyles. Surrounded by trees and views that stretch to forever, and sitting on 1.23 acres, this stucco home boasts four bedrooms, four baths, four decks, three fi...
One of the greatest legal minds in real estate was Oliver Frascona.When it came time to take continuing education classes, you wanted to take them from Oliver. He was one of the biggest personalities I've ever met, and he was responsible for writing much of our Colorado real estate law.He could e...
 What BUYERS Need to Know When Looking for a Home Seeing more than 5 houses in a day will make them all a blur. Often people will want to "speed date" looking at homes. After 5, maybe 6 houses in a day, they all tend to run together and you won't remember the details of each. Looking at houses is...
DISCLOSE, DISCLOSE, DISCLOSEYou're putting your house on the market and filling out the Seller's Property Disclosure that will be given to prospective Buyers. Which items are important for you to disclose?> You had a plumbing leak fixed last year so you don't need to disclose that, right?> You ha...

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