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Hemet - San Jacinto Valley, California REO Broker's tips, opinions and real estate related information for buyers, sellers, investors and Realtors in the Hemet, CA area. Mission Grove Realty - Hemet, San Jacinto and Riverside County Bank owned homes.
Lets just say that everyone in America lost their home to foreclosure. All would be dead in the real estate industry wouldn't it? Where would we all live? In tents....down by the river? Lets just say we did. A new economy would be created:Tents would be in short supply creating a surge in tent pr...
I took this headline by combining the text from 3 different real estate Blogs here on Active Rain. Not an actual quote but, take a word here and a couple of words there, rearrange them and Voila! I have fixed everything! No finger whining....Just though I would do my share. You can...
Are you prepared for an innovation so new, so unbelieveable and so amazingly powerful ?With our Marketing Package, you are certain to have:Sellers lined up at your door. These sellers will be ready to list with you, an innovator and trendsetter. You will be known as one of the areas only #1 provi...
If George Heyduke were to have written the Anarchist Cookbook today, it may have contained a chapter or two about mortgage fraud. It may have looked something like this:Gather the following: 2-3 homes. They can be yours or someone elses. 1 must be a home that you have the ability to actually sell...
Rate reductions, loosened lending guidelines, An increase in the FHA maximum?Will any of this change the market?I DON'T THINK SO!The re-education of the American home buying public will have to come first. When we continue to see, on the front page of MSN and in every major media, advertisements ...
This morning the FED approved and announced a 1/2 point rate reduction.Many have been waiting for this news feeling that a reduction will spur home buying and possibly reduce fears of a failing mortgage market.The problem is that, even with the FED's rate reduction, there will continue to be fall...
For those of you that have not read the new BANNED WORD LIST here on Active Rain, I urge you to do so IMMEDIATELY. Failure to comply could result in your possible, and immediate, removal and leave you subject to prosecution. All must comply. Please take a moment to familiarize yourselves with thi...
Blogging - Banned Word List - Internet useage - Social networking problems - ActiveRainWe have all read  many blogs about copyright, plagiarism and the general indecency of so many. The opportunity at hand has produced few real solutions to this growing concern.  After reading, and commenting on,...
The Bubble is About to Burst....AGAIN!                                    This is a long one...hang on!!!We all know that the market continues to remain flat. Flat with the exception of the REO / foreclosure market. Those markets continue to rise in activity as fallout from negative amortization ...
If one word could make the difference....would you use it?In my blog (rant) about The Rise and Fall of Common Courtesy I wrote of the shift from "you're welcome" to "no problem" as a common response to a "Thank You" which brought some interesting replies.I do feel that we alienate our "older" cli...

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Hemet - San Jacinto Valley, California REO Broker's tips, opinions and bank owned real estate related information for buyers, sellers, investors and Realtors in the Hemet, CA area.