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All of us know that it would be nice if our pages could rank up at the top of the search engine result screens, but since we consistently see the nationals’ paid links up there at the top, putting too much time into the project seems likely to be mis-allocated attention.   About the only real new...
Our helpful friends at the NAR often champion  ActiveRain's mantra about the indisputable importance of regular blogging, so when I happened across this yesteday in'sDaily Real Estate News (their own blog) it was bracing— it is, after all, what we work to provide our Realtor subscribe...
This morning, Rainer Dusty Baker wrote a telling “Biggest Reason Many Real Estate Agents Are Becoming Irrelevant.” It was right on (if you haven’t read it yet, do!). Its action point was that being on social media is now the only way to stay ahead of your local competing Realtors. The goal is to ...
Doesn't it seem like every community has someone — a broker or salesperson — who just is the one who seems to have the Internet figured out. Certainly that's what happens in small towns. Their name pops up whenever anyone queries about real estate in the community; their blog and their home page ...
  For those of us who always feel a little creeped out when it’s pitch black outside long before we head home (even when work ends early), it’s worth losing an hour’s sleep in order to nudge the sunset back a little.   They say Benjamin Franklin thought the idea up, and I don’t doubt it. Anyone w...
ON MONDAY, every Realtor® who has spent the last four years stranded on a desert island would have been astonished by the news!   It came in the form of a release from the National Association of Realtors® and Google, who announced the results of a wide-reaching joint study. It was of interest pr...
RealtyPLR's weekly “ghostwriting” blog service is a little bit like a jarred pasta sauce  --one that mom doctors with her special touch before serving. Or a private label wine produced with your name on it.   The articles are the quickest way to get blogging and stay blogging ... the key to attr...
RealtyPLR subscribers should have received this Monday's brand new PLR articles to use in your holiday blogging this week.  Here are four tips for extra credit:   1.ThanksKitchenis a season-specific blog aimed at SEO term “real estate listings.”   In case you'd like extra customizing: This blog c...
THE PANDA in question isn’t nearly as cute and cuddly as the ones you see contentedly munching bamboo leaves. This is the one that is the code name for Google’s active algorithm – the top secret code the search engine giant uses to determine what list of pages appear when users type in ‘houses fo...
  YOU DON’T HAVE TO LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA to make your peace with it/them. But just turning your back and walking away from it/them isn’t a very good idea either (hence my title). Unlikely as it seems to anyone over the age of 30 --  illogical as it may seem -- the social media advocates are truth-te...

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