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As 2010 President of the Benton, Bryant Realtors Association, I write an article entitled President's Message bi-monthly for the Daily Record newspaper.  It goes out not only to our local board, but to different people and businesses, many of them having to do with real estate, around the state o...
I, like most people, am not always the most enthusiastic person.  Sometimes we feel tired, sometimes things don't go our way or we get drawn into the whole negative world that the news media perpetuates, etc... we can always change our level of enthusiasm.  Think of children who are always amazed...
Well Fall is in the air, and home sales are really picking up here in Central Arkansas.  Many people are under the assumption that Spring is the best time to buy and sell homes.  I don't know why, but my best time has always been the Fall. Things have been looking up now for awhile and it's not a...
Christmastime is the best.  As a kid, we got all tingly waiting for Santa and all those toys, intoxicated by the smell of fresh cut Christmas tree mingled with the warm smell of Mom's homemade cookies and cakes and ... I miss it just writing about it. I try to work the local toy drive where I liv...
This has probably been all over the blogs already, and I'm the last one to realize this.  If so, forgive me for being a little slow to notice.  I've been to0 busy selling houses. By now, we all know that things are tough...and folks are losing jobs, and the forecast for the economy is rocky to sa...
Did you ever stop and wonder where all the thousands of faces that we have come into contact with throughout our lives are? What happened to all the people we've met over the years?  Hundreds of people we knew in school as kids, in college, when we were young and first starting out.  Where are th...
It was a first!  In over 13 years as a Central Arkansas Realtor I have never had the misfortune of having a flat while showing homes.  Nails in tires from showing new construction, yes, but not a blow out while in the process of showing.  After showing one home, I noticed the wheel tugging hard t...
Well, it's my second blog, and I really appreciate all the encouragement everyone gave me in their comments.  Thanks so much, I needed that.  Sounds like you guys are a great bunch of agents that utililize Active Rain.  One comment in particular gave a good tip:  "Don't necessarily just blog abou...
First blog for me.  I know, I know - should have done it long ago.  Just recently understood the reasoning for it.  I've been selling Central Arkansas Real Estate since 1995.  Of course I was lucky enough to have ridden the wave of good times.  It's hard for us gen-Xrs to really understand when m...

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