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It's very simple:   A job is a 40 hours week.  Owning a business is doing whatever it takes!   Have a great day and realize that you have the power to be the best Realtor in the industry.  You simply need to not stress about those things that are items beyond your control, have a plan, and go for...
I hope you are having an awesome weekend so far. I've been thinking a lot lately why I'm so determined to help all of you reach your potential. I have been alone most of the weekend while my wife is in Chicago. Lot's of time to think about things....which as you know, may or may not be a good thi...
This is my favorite holiday of the year.  It's full of thoughts of all our past and current heros.  Our country might be a mess right now, but our true core of being American's is strong.  One of the greatest gifts we have as a country is our freedom.  Many of take this for granted but most of us...
Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you are right!  Henry Ford This is one of my favorite quotes.  You are in complete control of your destiny.  Believe you can't do it and you certainly won't.  Believe you can and you can accomplish anything.  What does the Agent in your of...
So for the first time in my recent life (past 10 years or so), I slipped into negativity.  I'll admit it.  Between everyone feeling bad for me because I own a brokerage and the media constantly telling us how bad our business is, it affected me.  How did it affect my business.  We had the worst f...
Ok, that's a long title!  It seems these days, I am hearing this more and more.  Then, the disturbing part, is once we get down to the offer, the other agent say something stupid like "You were the only offer we got".  This has happened probably each time in the last 5 offers I wrote...and I don'...
Internet Marketing, Social Media, Lead Capture, Lead Conversion and so on.  We keep hearing every day that these are the tools of the future.  Do you get calls almost every day from someone telling you they are the next best thing to generate sales?  You simply pay them money and the sales roll i...
If you are a buyers agent and have a large short sale market as we do here in Melbourne Florida, you are waiting much to long when dealing with short sales.  Yes, they are a major part of our market.  However, if you can show your buyer the benefit of buying a resale or foreclosure over a short s...
I've been pretty quiet on this subject the past couple of years.  Maybe because up until a year or so ago we hadn't been doing listings.  The past year we started taking listings and have done very well with them.  As with all of us, we do a lot of short sales.  I wanted to share a couple of conv...
As most of you know, I spend my life working on Internet Marketing and Lead Conversion for Real Estate.  Our brokerage had another great year selling 329 homes with 14 Agents with over 95% of our sales coming from our Internet program.  It's been 9 years now since I started using the Internet aft...

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