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Are new business models winning a fight with older brokerages? (Flickr photo by red betty black.) The new June issue of the Real Deal has a piece about an unsurprising development among brokers.  In the article, which correctly quotes me, writer Candace Taylor notices that many brokers are quest...
Folks: I am far from a populist.  I am Reagan Republican.  However, you knew you would see this coming with the banks. When working a short sale, I ensure the bank puts the non-recourse in writing, or make sure the clients document I advised them to seek a lawyer's opinion about the potential ris...
DEMAND OBAMA REPEAL THE PROCRASTINATION TAX!!!  (Say what?!?!) Are you paying "The Procrastination Tax"???? In these times of economic hardship, there is a tax so many pay WILLFULLY!!! I can never understand why, but they do: The Procrastination Tax. You pay it, and don't even realize it! And it'...
THIS BLOG WAS UPDATED FOR 30-YEAR NUMBERS IN THE TABLE BELOW.   To all those economists, bankers, policy makers, media types, and NAR folks who are surprised housing sales are down nearly 20%:  DUH!  Alex (Trebek), I will take the totally obvious for $1,000, please. I hear all over the media toda...
Folks: One of the unique ways of earning money I have come across is to resell websites.  We all need a website.  There is a company called Global Domains International that gives you a 7-day trial and will do your hosting, email and storage for $10 per month.  You can bring in others to generate...
This is a great post about the new strategy of defaulting on mortgages.   MichaelA new study looks are those who have chosen to walk away from home mortgages, and it has a few surprises. For example: Who is more likely to walk away from a house and a mortgage -- a person with super-prime credit s...
Market Conditions - As of August 1, 2009   In July, the national unemployment receded back to 9.4% from 9.5% in the prior month.  This is a positive sign that the bottom of the recession appears to be close at hand, if not already past, as unemployment is a trailing indicator. Denver's market con...
What a great article! "Marketing is the differentiation of yourself against your competition.  Advertising is the cost of being boring." That is according to an article I read in BrokerAgentPro roughly a year ago.  The article went on to say that, if a person marketed themselves properly, they wo...
I'm a licensed real estate attorney.  But I have litigated in court.  Needless to say.....I have friends who send me this stuff from time to time.  It's good humor meant to keep me and us all humble.  Hope you enjoy..... These are from a book called Disorder in the American Courts,and are things ...
As our nation has tumbled - and, hopefully, stabilized - through this cascade failure of ethics and rampant illegalities in the housing market, my mind turns to the people most hurt in this process: The remaining, decent, hard-working homeowners whose homes are SO FAR UNDERWATER that they can onl...

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