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Need a Professional Referral? is Here!   If you have one to give, contact me here. Dear Readers,  Need a Professional Referral?  Visit the site exclusive to my clients!  For more information, please click to
New Home Builder Deals For Leap Year Weekend  Dear Readers,  New Home Builder Deals for Leap Year Weekend  For more information, please click to or  Did you know...?Builders encourage Buyers to have a professional real estate broker working with them...
Historical Return on Real Estate Now that we have seen how Denver appears to be bucking the trend, nationally, let's look at returns on real estate.  As the story is national in scope, permit me treat it nationally as well.  Let me start this section with a question: Do you recall the couple from...
The Denver Market The data - the S&P/Case-Schiller Index of Home Price Indices - shows just how local real estate markets are.  So, let's look into it more.  Though the overall market is down 8.9% (see article here), the local markets show many different stories.  In the inimitable words of Secre...
You likely heard the headline today: "Home Prices Drop to 20-year Low!"It's been all over the news and the internet.  If you read the headlines, those of you from my generation would be reminded of a skit that Sean Penn did after the 1987 Stock Market Crash on Saturday Night Live.   In that skit,...
Is Denver back? Since December 2007, strong news has been published about the Denver real estate market.  As noted in the flash message on this page (immediately to the right), Denver has been touted as having: A projected "Top 5 Market" as identified in a National Association of REALTORS®.  Clic...
Money.  It makes the world go round. More importantly, it's the lifeblood of any business -- especially, real estate.It's amazing. Whether one is:An InvestorA Realtor®A business personOr, if you know of any of those in your database, then knowing people with access to money is paramount.I wanted ...
Folks:I hadn't had a chance to share some good news with you that I have wanted to for a while.  My site - YES! MY SITE! - was chosen as Realty Times® "Site of the Day".  Realty Times® is by far the leading Real Estate News site on the Internet and is fast becoming one of the most informative rea...
Folks:   As part of "Bringing the World Home to You, I work with new home builders to get the latest deals out to you.  These are the deals that I received for DR Horton.   Did you know: Reputable builders encourage Buyers to have a professional real estate broker working with them? That means th...
Dear Readers,   I am always interested in your thoughts.    I recently signed up for an advertising package to enhance my web presence.  As part of that promotion package, I received a commercial for my website. To watch it, click here:   Let me know w...

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