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Across the country there are new developments that are more like a resort complex than a traditional rental building. Edina’s rental properties are often traditional buildings from the 1960s-1980s. There is a new dog on the west side of Edina. It’s the resort styled The Loden with California casu...
Over the years, I’ve made some blunders and eventually learned that a closed mouth gathers no foot. Instead, think like a cop. If you watch with two eyes, listen with 2 ears, and speak with only one mouth you will make some amazing discoveries. Here’s a few nuggets that I found that don’t work: A...
A real estate coach once said to me, “The real estate market can go up and down, but stocks and bonds can disappear. The land is always there, that’s why they call it real.”Residential real estate is owned by millions of average Americans. For many, it is their biggest investment. Everyone wants ...
The spring market was frantic as usual, with multiple offers on almost every home, or so it seemed. The media was waving “It’s a Seller’s Market!” flags, and there was very low inventory of homes. Buyers were frustrated, and it was common to write at least three to six offers for a buyer before l...
5 - Tips for shopping for homes late summer in Minneapolis.There are good, better, best times to shop for homes in Minneapolis/St Paul. Sales do follow the seasons, and late summer is one of the best times to shop. Why?  Your competition just went on vacation. The spring market is always the most...
3520 Meadow Lane is almost ready! The crew is working feverishly installing the hood over the range, adding hardware, touching up painting, cleaning up. We’re holding a sneak preview open house this Sunday, June 17, 2-4PM to "Meet the Designer", Amber Smith of Chief Concepts LLC.When you walk int...
Danielle woke up one eye at a time. It’s a dreary winter morning, still dark out with snow drifting down. Her bed was a rumbled pile of blankets, she stretched her back with her eyes still closed. Next to her Fred cuddled up, he turned to poke her face with his cold nose. His gesture said, “I got...
There are all kinds of rehabbers. Some are flippers who throw on a coat of paint, carpeting, a slice of granite, and new appliances calling it a remodel. What you left with is the original windows spray painted shut, 30 year old furnaces, and a partially new kitchen. I’ve had to drag buyers seduc...
Every morning I wake up with my head exploding with brilliant Instagram images on rehabbing houses. It's not an easy work, it takes a village. There are project plans, the decor has to be gorgeous, crew lined up, and buyers vetted. Hair and wardrobe make or break the image. What should I wear swi...
First time buyers are used to scrolling through hundreds of options on Zillow, Trulia and Some think that they need to see every home on the market to make a decision. They form a wish list from houses online, and by visiting a few open houses. There is a better way.Searching for hom...

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