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When you’re looking at a new home most buyers are mesmerized by cosmetic charm. Homes are staged, lights sparkle, and builders want you to be dazzled. Beyond a gorgeous kitchen, generous open spaces, there is a lot of what you don’t see. Energy ratings and Green Building are major components of y...
If you’re thinking about new construction, but don’t want to go through a long wait and the gazillion choices that you have to make, now is the time to strike. The Fall Parade of Homes just ended, and most builders have some extra homes to sell. What most people don’t know is that there are pre f...
There are lots of reasons to consider new construction in Minnesota when you’re deciding on your next step. In the Twin Cities we hear the refrain, “Why buy new when slightly used will do?”   What does new offer that an older home can’t? Reason #1: You are Building Your Future. It’s all about you...
I’m writing the Raise Ur Roof blog because about three years ago I had several clients buying new construction. Each experience was terrible. I realized that post-recession and Boom new construction were very different. One of my client’s put down $15K in earnest money in April 2014 couldn’t move...
Take a First Time Home Buyer Quiz to see if you’re ready to be a HOMEOWNER.   Do you have a job, or some form steady income? Does your shower turn icy when your neighbor turns on the water? Did you find your neighbor’s underwear in your laundry basket? Is your car buried by snow, or towed for par...
My sellers were excited, we had delayed closing to allow the renters a 60 day move out. The offer was $40,000 over asking, and they wanted to be done. The buyer was anxious to take over and requested permission to clean out, paint, and show potential renters weeks before closing. Whoa. I told the...
We are a nation divided and in dismay. Even TV writers can’t contrive plots as contorted as what is happening in front of us. The Obama administration created DACA in 2012 frustrated with the failure of Congress to come to any resolution repairing our broken immigration system. The program gives ...
Most markets across the country are plagued with a drought of listings and flooded with competitive multiple offers. Not all offers are created equal, the listing agent job is to guide the sellers in making the right choice.Recently, I’ve received offers with the following clause on the financing...
Every city has a past, but most people don’t think of Minneapolis as a city of historical treasures. St. Paul revels in its landmark buildings and colorful history. Summit Avenue is lined with Historical Landmark mansions in impeccable condition. Minneapolis went through an urban modernization ba...
Before my daughter could drive, I’d zip across Franklin Avenue, down West River Parkway and drop her at school every morning. I’d take that route because it was close to my office and we’d pass Kimber’s Gallery, it would always make me smile.The East River neighborhoods are a secret in Minneapoli...

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