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Friends have been raving about the MN Home Outlet in Burnsville. They claim that you can find anything/everything at discounted prices. When someone says ‘everything,’ I never know what that means. It’s billed as a Home Improvement Bargain Store, or the Handyman’s Candy Store. Their website said ...
Saturday June 4, Lyndale Avenue S was open for neighbors and tourists to stroll, bike, skate or dance our city streets sans cars. It’s this years’ first lap of Open Streets Minneapolis starting with a stretch of Lyndale Avenue S from 24th Street headed south to 54th Street.  Secretly, I think it ...
Minneapolis is known more for its sparkling lakes and glass towers than historical landmarks. Sister city St. Paul revels in its heritage of protected properties. Until recently I didn’t even know that Minneapolis had a 15 district landmark map and 170 designated buildings. We drive by without no...
They moved to the Twin Cities for job relocation from the East not knowing if they would stay, or even like it. Soon they were nestled into a cozy rental home in Minnetonka, their jobs were running on track. Their rental was an older home, charming, but begged fixing. That's when they began think...
Six offers later, and we still have no house. 28 offers on the first one, 14 on the second, 25 on the third, it goes on. Forever. They were good offers, all $10,000 to $15,000 over asking price.Good earnest money, fully approved, with a letter saying how much the buyer appreciated the seller’s di...
January acted like March, February behaved like April (unseasonably warm, as in 30 degrees above normal), and March is bi polar. We have 60 degrees one day, and 6 above zero the next morning. The weather is still chilly, but the market is SIZZLING in Minneapolis!!!Usually the spring market in Min...
No, they don’t. And you wouldn’t want it any other way.As much as I adore historical homes for their character and craftsmanship, they do need maintenance and upgrades to keep them in shape. Old homes, for all their charm and detail, had few of the essentials of how we live today. They had no ins...
The phone rang on a Saturday morning, “I don’t know if you remember me, you sold me a house a long time ago, and I need to talk to you urgently.” I remembered him and his wife, we had talked a few years ago about selling, but they decided to stay. Their faces were tense, and his voice was very so...
A couple weeks ago I showed a home in NE Minneapolis whose owners had spent months preparing for the sale. The photos were from last summer. That means that they meticulously planned every corner and cranny since then. There was a constant stream of buyers. That evening I received an email from t...
During the real estate boom from 2000-2006, sellers got a little lazy. Put a sign in the yard, and they will come. They weren’t too worried about how the house looked, or fixing minor repairs because they expected multiple offers and could choose from the pile.When the recession hit, even great h...

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