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Where's the most romantic place for Valentine's Day dinner in Minneapolis for Millenials?  In the new home that they closed on last week.Skip the crowded restaurant, the exhausted waiters, and over priced dessert.  Cozy up in your new home, make memories.  This is why you bought a home of your ow...
An idea popped into Kyle’s head before she opened her eyes on a warm September morning in 2015.  She was renting part of her Grandma’s house, but it was being sold. Her mom offered that she could live with her, but this morning Kyle knew that she wanted a place of her own. Breathing in the steam ...
Last week I showed a home that just came on the market to a buyer who has been waiting for some new options in South Minneapolis.  This home was well priced, excellent condition, and had everything a first time buyer could want.   Of course, he loved it, but his wife was out of town, so he hesita...
There are times in real estate when you wonder why you do what you do. Then, there are gratifying times why you know exactly why you do it.Yessica started her adventures in home buying on Zillow in October 2016. She already had hopes, and had saved up some money six months earlier. Her credit was...
Last week I had the privilege of attending two real estate forecasts for 2017. One was with Ted Jones, chief economist for Stewart Title and Steve Harney, CEO of KCM. During the Recession I poured over economist’s forecasts and found most of them less accurate or entertaining than the weatherman....
It's National Ginger Bread House Day! Ginger Bread has a long history dating back to the 17th Century where it was sold at fairs as cookies to celebrate St Bartholomew. In the 1800s it was romanticized in honor of Hansel and Gretel, the two children abandoned in the woods by destitute parents. Th...
 I am grateful every day.  When I think about the first Thanksgiving I realize that it was because of immigrants who fled Europe because of religious persecution. They were poor, cold, starving, and depended on the kindness and generosity of the first Americans. Because of them we are here.  Beca...
Every buyer is hooked on HGTV for inspiration, hoping that they can make it happen for themselves. Twenty minute makeovers are seductive. The homeowners walk in and are surprised, thrilled, tears of joy spilling down their cheeks.Who doesn’t love a good makeover? As Americans, we expect magic. We...
Everyone is raw during a divorce, your lives have just been emotionally upended. Both of you have a lot to lose, and just want it to be over. Even if you are just considering a divorce, there are a few points to know about separating assets that will affect you for years to come. Your home is you...
New home construction involves variables different from the traditional home buying. Though making the location a top priority is still one of the most important real estate practices, there are other critical factors. When hiring a real estate specialist in Minneapolis, MN, who can educate clien...

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