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I love a First Time Homebuyer.  They remind me uncooked meal just waiting to happen.  Meet Henry and Henrietta Henson Cute couple, but you can see how raw and vulnerable they are, right?  Why just look, they are just surrounded by all the ingredients needed to season them, but, th...
I was asked to list a house by a lady who felt her yard and house were just too big for her.  She had recently removed herself from an abusive relationship and wanted to move on. When I arrived at the house, it looked kind of OK from the outside.  Just a cute little bungalow with a brick front. ...
  Diagnosis of a terminal illness is a devastating blow.  It affects not only the patient, but the family and friends as well.  I want to tell you a story about my mother.  Her name was Dolores.  She had many titles.  Some of her favorites were, wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, cook, party pla...
So, we were off an adventure.  We were going to Florida.   Now, I've never been to Florida before, but I had heard all about it from friends that had "turned" Snow Birds.  I expected it to be warmer, and it was.  I expected to see a lot of Seniors, and I did.  I expected there to be great seafood...
The best way to encourage business is to plan a trip.  Just now it's sinking in....I'm going on someplace warm.  I've never been to Florida before and I'm so excited to have the opportunity to go.  But, like I said, business is picking up---right now!  Everything was...
I spend a little time doing volunteer work that generally involves working in the kitchen. I love to chop and stir.  Earlier this week I was at Crossroads, the Homeless Shelter in Sandusky, OH. and was cleaning broccoli and cauliflower with some women that I didn't know well. We started talking a...
Cleaning a house while children are growing is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing.  I've seen this quote attributed to both Erma Bombeck and Phyllis Diller, both great comedians in their own sense. But, shouldn't you at least try? It continues to snow here in NW Ohio and many children a...
I have an Attachment Disorder.  I'm sure of it.  And, I'm not really sure what to do about it or if I want to change it. In my other life, I was a practicing Maternal/Newborn Nurse.  I loved the interaction, the teaching, the nurturing, the fast pace.  Mostly, it was easy to reach out and "love" ...
I grew up in a small ranch style home in Akron, OH.  As was typical of the homes at that time, there was only one bathroom.  I lived with my mom and dad and two sisters.  Poor dad was outnumbered from the git go and it stayed that way for many years.  If he wasn't the first one in the bathroom i...
So, you have decided you want to buy a house. Good for you!  What helped you make that decision?  You must have put a lot of thought and emotion into it, right?   Right?   RIGHT? Hmmmm.......well let's see.   "My parents told me that since I am paying $550 a month in rent, I should be putting tha...

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