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I inherited this Christmas Cactus when my father died more than 15 years ago.  It blooms twice a year and each time, it is a sweet reminder of his love and continued presence in my life.                                                                                                               ...
Home For The Holidays Open House at Mulberry Creek HerbFarmis this weekend!Sat. Nov. 23rd 10 to 5:00Sun. Nov. 24th 10 to 4:00$100 drawing1:00 door swag classes each dayVendor selling baked goods, candles, refreshments, soap, wool goods, organic, beef, jewelry, doggie treats, children's books, aro...
CIRCA 1860 Milan, Ohio was a major shipping and ship building port in the early 1800's.  The creation of the Milan Canal provided access to the Huron River and then to Lake Erie.  In turn, ships could access the Erie Canal allowing direct, regional commerce with New York City.   For more than 15 ...
Come join the Party in the Park.   Third Thursdays in Vermilion  Come out and enjoy the festivities.  Vermilion is situated on the scenic shores of Lake Erie.  It is well known for it's hospitality, quaint shops and good food.   Vermilion is easy to get to and is located between Cleveland and Tol...
Worst Marketing Remarks Ever Honest to goodness marketing remarks in our MLS by an agent in Cleveland. I wonder if he is new or if his Broker knows or what???? Have to admit I couldn’t stop reading.  But, OMG what do you think? Here are just four of them, spelling and grammar errors left as they ...
How I became an Orphan They say that there can be no growth without pain.  Becoming an orphan, at least for me, was very painful, but, it also offered an opportunity for profound growth. It’s a strange thing…to be an Orphan at my age….but that’s just what it felt like to me.  My anchor was gone, ...
Voting----Now That’s Powerful                             I can say that I have voted in every Presidential election, but one, since I was 18 years old.  The one election that I did miss, I was sitting in ICU at my mother’s bedside after a serious and unexpected heart attack.  As traumatic as tha...
This Is What's Happening In Your Neck Of The Woods Berlin Heights and Milan Ohio                        Today- November 5, 2012 38 Active listings on the market ranging in price from $47,900 to $499,000 The average price is $141,691 with a mean of $138,000 The average home is approx. 1870 square ...
Ash Trees—Help Available Through WSOS   The first time I saw one, in 2008, I thought, “what a pretty bug”.  It was about ½  inch long and fluorescent green.  Little did I know……   Since then, the four acres of hardwoods that surround my home, have been heavily impacted by this “pretty bug”.    Th...
How Can You NOT Get Attached?   I am the professional.  It is my job to listen, advise, educate and negotiate.  Sometimes it’s also my job to console, to encourage to “pick up”, and establish ground rules.   When you do those things and become someone’s trusted advisor, how can you help but form ...

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