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Christmas Fallout?                                             I was walking the dog on Thursday afternoon around our heavily wooded property.  It had turned cold and we were expecting some snow and bitter temperatures.  When I neared the road, I saw a shiny red car pulled over, I heard a car doo...
Sandusky Library---Where Good Things Happen                                     There is so much more to the Sandusky Library than books.  Of course there are books, lots of them,.....but there is sooo much more. Take a look at this weeks offerings at the Sandusky Library.   Tuesday, February 7 a...
                                                             When should you request a CMA and What Is It Anyway?   Simply put, a CMA stands for Comparative Market Analysis.  It is a comparison of homes in a defined area that are currently on the market for sale and those that have sold in the la...
Circa 1840 Huron, Ohio...a small close knit community on the Shores of Lake Erie. Close to the world famous Cedar Point Amusement Park and just a few minutes away from the ferry line that can whisk you away to the islands, marinas and fishing…… and swimming…. and waterparks….and…. We have a secre...
Why rent when you can buy?   The message is everywhere.  Why rent when you can buy? Interest rates are at historic lows.  There’s never been a better time to buy.  It’s a buyer’s market….So true, but….here is the reality… least in the areas where I work and live and play…… Renters are renting...
Does This Make Me A Dinosaur?                          My name is Mary….. and I still use a Day Timer. Does this make me a Dinosaur? I do use a smart phone for calling, texting, searching the web, email and more.  I even have several apps installed that I use on a regular basis. I am computer lit...
Holiday Happenings at the Huron Soup Kitchen                                           I have to start by saying the name of this post is somewhat of a misnomer.   A common definition of a Soup Kitchen is:  an establishment dispensing minimum dietary essentials (such as soup and bread) to the nee...
Business Plans for the New Year are well in process for me, but it occurred to me that my Life Plans for 2012 and the New Year have been pushed to the back burner.   The premise is…..I work so that I can live…..and in a way that will keep me balanced and happy.  Sounds easy enough,…. but I find i...
Although Jane Peters practices in the Los Angeles market, her words ring true for Ohio, Indiana, Arizona and any other city or state in the country.  I like her wording of working forward, not backward.  To do it any other way is like putting the cart before the horse....I was just approached by ...
You have choices when living in this Waterfront Home At The Lake 313 Cedar Point Road NEWLY PRICED AT $299,000     Cedar Point Road, also known as the Chausee is a unique strip of land between two bodies of water, the SanduskyBay and Lake Erie.   You can enjoy the best of both at 313 Cedar Point ...

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