24 Mesquite Drive, Alberton, Montana 59820 - Modern Montana Home on 2.9 Acres Welcome to this modern Montana dream home with panoramic views of the Lolo National Forest.                 Newer home with open floor plan and tons of upgrades and features on 2.9 acres with gorgeous views just west o...
We Yearbooked Ourselves! We had fun playing with the site after a post from ActiveRain's Bob Haywood. The site is free and is easy to use - you just upload your photo and select the year that you would like your yearbook photo to be from. You can then save your photos or post...
This is a great explanation of Annual Percentage Rate from Bill Ladewig for Missoula or Western Montana Home Buyers. APR Predators and APR Demystified First, lets demystify Annual Percentage Rate (APR). APR was designed to allow consumers to use one standardized number to compare the real cost o...
Are Your Missoula or Western Montana Property Taxes Too High? If you're like most of us, you recently received your notice from the Department of Revenue for the property taxes on your home or land in Western Montana. The Montana constitution and state law require periodic reappraisal of property...
  I wrote a blog post earlier this week about our fishing trip with one of our friends /clients on the Flathead River near Paradise, Montana. While he was out, he took the following photos of Bear prints along the river - apparently we weren't the only one fishing on the Flathead River! A Day Spe...
This is a great article about FHA Loans versus Convenetional Loans. If you are considering buying a home in Missoula or Western Montana, this will help you weigh your loan options.     FHA loans seem to be one of the main choice of mortgages in the last 12 months or so. There are many reasons fo...
You Mean Sharing Information Freely Isn't the Norm? It is on ActiveRain - Memories at ActiveRain We gave a presentation at our local MLS last week on Using Social Media for Real Estate. We didn't have a huge turnout so we were able to really structure our presentation around the attendees, most o...
The Sanders County Fair and Rodeo is held during the last week of August or the first week of September every year in Plains Montana. It's small town living at its best. Plains, MT is located approximately two hours northwest of Missoula. The parade is the kick-off to the Fair which features ride...
One of our friends and clients recently took an afternoon to go fishing on the Flathead River between Paradise and Perma, Montana. It was an amazing early fall Montana day and the weather was perfect. They caught a few fish and enjoyed being on the river.  
Kevin took this photo in one of his favorite areas at the top of a mountain near Pardee Creek in Superior. It overlooks the Lolo National Forest towards the towns of Paradise and Plains, MT. This area has abundant wildlife, and as you can tell, lots of timber and is a local favorite for recreati...

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