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What are Zero Lot Lines - Calgary, Alberta Zero lot lines gained popularity in Calgary sometime in the late 70’s as the previously popular 50’ lots became more and more scarce and narrow lots became the order of the day. As the city grew in size and inched it’s way outward, smaller lots and zero ...
My New Years Day Celebration Christmas and New Years have always been reflective times of year for me. Rather than fill these special times with excesses and celebration, I have typically used then as a time to review my actions of the previous year and plan for the year to come. New Years in par...
One thing that I seldom hear much about is taxes in real estate. I think this topic deserves a lot more attention, and could well be the number one reason that so many agents fail. It is even forgotten in our listing appointments. In the USA, tax freedom day was calculated as April 9th, 2010, and...
I had a lot of fun at Raincamp in Houston.   I met a lot of interesting people there.  I have still yet to go through all the names but I hope to be doing so sometime soon, within the next week or two as I get time.  I hope to be in touch with each and every one of you that I met, and for those t...
The photo is of my two Grand-Children, ages three and four.  It was taken last summer while I was on summer holidays.  While I don't typically go out of my way to take pictures, this particular summer I did, and the results were terrific! I captured many wonderful and timely moments and I wish I ...
I have noticed, over the years, that my eyesight is not as good as it once was.   It is still good, it's just all over the place.  I need a pair of glasses for this and other for that, and over time, it was creating a lot of strain on my eyes. So much so that my eyes started getting all red and s...
Every year about this time I become somewhat annoyed at the way that retailers seem to turn everything sacred, into a way to part you with your money, not that I can blame them. It is after all what they do, and they do it very well.  Christmas has been turned into such a display that its origin...
I have talked to many people who don't even keep a password book, to store the hundreds of different passwords they have.  Many of the people I use still use the same password for everything, and never change it!  That means they are giving out their password for everything, often including their...
Hashtag Airport Codes, Twitter If you're a Twitter  user, you'll know what a hash tag  is.   If you don't I'm going to tell you.  The word hash tag, is and of itself is confusing.   Is it capitalized?  Is it one word or is it two words? As near as I can tell, the hash tag is a spin off from the o...
I always enjoy reading your posts Jay,  they are informative and helpful to the average home owner who may know very little about these types of things. In the olden days the brick siding you saw on houses was structural.  There were two layers of brick, into what was tied structural members.  T...

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