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Bungalow for Sale in Phoenix Arizona, Maricopa County, Phoenix, Will trade for Condo in Calgary  This 2100 sq ft bungalow style single family home is located in a gated, secure complex approximately 15 minutes south of the airport in the community of South Mountain. Unobstructed views to the sout...
Hillhurst United Church, Calgary, Alberta, Hillhurst, Kensington Exciting things are happening over at the Hillhurst United Church, in Kensington.  With the help of Minister, John Pentland and strong support with in the ranks, Hillhurst United Church promised to put words into action with a plan ...
Calgary Herald 2010 Readers' Choice Awards Calgary's largest Independent real estate brokerage, CIR Realty is the very proud recipient of the Calgary Herald 2010 Readers Choice Award.  The announcement was made in the Calgary Herald on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 by the Calgary Herald. There has ...
Buyer Brokerage Agreements - Calgary, Alberta Real Estate Sales As a result of continued pressure by the competition bureau the Canadian Real Estate Association has ratified an agreement to amend their regulations to better reflect that different types of representation may be available to the pu...
Homes for Sale in Calgary, Alberta, Huntington Hills 5 Bedroom Bungalows and Bi-levels This 5 Bedroom Bi-Level Home for sale in Huntington Hills unquestionably stands above the rest.   While I've seen lots of reconditioned homes, there are very few which have been finished to the high quality of ...
I am not currently showing my friends list on Facebook.   I like to keep my friends list managable.  They are my special friends.  My list consists of a couple of hundred individuals most of who I know personally, and almost always have met face to face. We usually share some common interest.   C...
Which cell phone are you using?  Here in Calgary, I have an old Palm Treo 650 and I lose sleep at night, and dread the day that it's going to "expire".   It's been an old work horse, even though the signal strength indicator light popped out about a year ago so it looks a little war torn. What I ...
Have you notice it get's harder and harder to make it through the day without feeling tired, as time goes on?   I used to feel this way.   I had an ailment that was causing me to pack on more pounds than I needed and at an alarming rate.  My cholesterol was going through the roof and I could bare...
On occasion I will get a call from a real estate agent or member of the public, requesting that they would like to have their buyer do a walk-through a day or two before the agreed upon possession date.  I'd like to clarify a some misunderstanding by the public about this out-dated notion as it r...
Are you keeping up to date with the latest technologies?  Like it or not, the new kids on the block are embracing these tools to keep up with the ever increasing volumes of information that are coming at them.   Here's what Wikipedia has to say about them.   I had to call my son to see if it work...

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