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This is designed to be a forum to exchange information and ideas related to real estate in Northwest Arkansas. I welcome your comments and questions.
In the current market one of the areas that can set you apart from the competition is providing exceptional customer service.  Ask yourself one question....Are you doing everything you can, not simply to satisfy your clients real estate needs, but to provide top quality customer service?  Somethi...
Many of us who are point2 website owners have marveled at the level of resources and interesting articles available automatically through our website.  For those of you who have ventured out with your creativity and have developed your own site from scratch I complement you and your knowledge.Som...
If you are like me, sometimes you feel reactive in your business.  You overhear conversations about urban growth  and development and say to yourself..."how did they know that".  Opportunity and competence are all functions of knowledge.Recently a friend of mine and AR member introduced me to a w...
Details              Photo Gallery           View  Rooms72719-Centerton/Bentonville area (Copper Oaks)FOR SALE                          Buy one for only $115,900 or both for $225,900New Duplex in Growth Area Devon CernigaColdwell Banker Faucette Real Estate<                                      ...
Many of us are now finding ourselves as the main caregiver for aging loved ones.  I know first hand how challenging this can be and sometimes we simply need some assistance.  I uncovered this Resource guide, complements of the Area Agency of Aging for Northwest Arkansas.  It is a great list, I th...
Arkansas Foreclosure Laws... Having moved from Florida where all of the foreclosures are judicial...or through the courts I had to learn the 'law of the land' in Arkansas.  Arkansas has both judicial and non-judicial foreclosures which have very different rules.  I have included some of the basic...
 "Where, Oh Where Did My Equity Go..."A new situation is facing the real estate market that doesn't receive the "press time" it deserves.  HELOC's,  the real estate boom created an enormous amount of paper wealth in the portfolio's of homeowner's across the country.  However, unlike 401k or retir...
For Realtors Only... This is a repost from long ago, I simply had to repost this for those of you that missed it....I found this link while researching some past blogs.  Active rain has some very interesting information. Sometimes you just simply need to sit back and enjoy and good laugh.  Also t...
I am writing in an effort to assist with a topic that I hope none of you have to deal with.  Adverse Possession.  It is a legal maneuver that allows a person to obtain title to someone else's property through legal means.  Because I am currently handling a real estate transaction with this issue ...
DetailsPhoto GalleryView Rooms72745-Lowell (Lowell)FOR SALE$199,900 Looking for more space? Coldwell Banker Faucette Real EstateDevon Cerniga Coldwell Banker Faucette Real EstateColdwell Banker Faucette Real EstateEmail DevonCell: 479-644-5155Fax: 479-273-7053More Photos(28) Paradise Found...Qui...

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