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Or whatever you believe in!  Some of you may have read my post about a week ago about me suggesting that a set of my clients take their home off the market for awhile.  Their log cabin in Tonganoxie, Kansas is adorable, but is a very unique property.  I still thought that maybe if they took it of...
I have been a residential real estate agent in Olathe, Kansas for over 9 years and maybe only 3 times in that nine years have I suggested to a client that they remove their home from the market.  For these particular clients and in their situation, taking their home off the market is, in my opini...
I had an interesting discussion the other day with my assistant, Layna.  See, she is getting married (in 72 days... she tells me the countdown every day!) and has been put in an interesting position by her parents.  They offered to pay for the wedding by giving her a nice chunk of change, but the...
Real estate, at least for me in the past nine years here in Olathe, Kansas, has had it's ups and downs.  It seems like when it's going... it is really going!!!  And when it's not, well, all you can do is hope you've planned for a rainy day!  This past month, for me was really going!  I had the jo...
I am a female real estate agent in Olathe, KS.  If you know anything about Olathe and many of the surrounding areas in Kansas City, there are many opporunites around here for people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and do a little work.  Here are four main things I always reccomend that m...
I know that a lot of you other agents out there can relate to me on this, but let's talk about the disappointment that is involved when a client of yours doesn't get approved for a loan.  Granted, most of the time you sincerely hope that he/she is approved BEFORE you get invested, but sometimes t...
Last night I was at a happy hour with some girlfriends of mine.  I was intending to go to network or "talk shop," but it never fails that as soon as I mention that I am a real estate agent, the questions start coming.  I love it!  I love helping to educate people on areas of our industry that the...
The fiance of my wonderful assistant, Layna, is a bright, handsome, ambitious young man who just also happens to be one of the newest additions to the Olathe Police Department.  After visiting with Joel, Layna's future hubby, a bit about his new job, I became overwhelmingly proud to work and spec...
Here is an interesting article in foreclosures on the rise, banks are trying a gentler touch. When homeowners default, they cost lenders pots of money, an average of $40,000 or more per home - due to brokerage fees, utility bills and other costs. Banks find they're better off g...
I recently read an interesting article that walked people through the steps of trying to determine whether they should try to sell their home on their own OR work with an real estate agent, like myself.  Here are the things they think you should do:· Interview several real estate agents. This cou...

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