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If you are looking for some great home bargains for sale in the Maricopa area, please use us. That's what we do. We help you hunt for the best home bargain deal you can get! www.homebargainplanet.com
  This Gilbert home for sale is a home bargain and simply a steal of a deal. With over 2100 square feet in the absolutely beautifu Power Ranch, people will be flocking to this one and may even create a bidding war. Well that is the nature of the game these days as there is barely 20,000 homes for...
  My new found friends and clients from Oregon spotted this home and on their last day here in Arizona we missed the opportunity to view this home because Mr. Dum Dum (that's me), missed the fact that this particular home was owner occupied and that we needed to give the seller ample time notice ...
  Yes so today I went into the Solutions Real Estate office in Gilbert, AZ to become officially indoctrinated into the team, the business, the system, and the process. Yes I am now official, a Solutionite. I like it so far. While there is a lot of communication and rah rah excitement, I do feel a...
  Met a client in this subdivision today to show a HUD home for sale in Mesa and I just went ahead and video recorded the community. It's nice. It has easy access to highway 202 and many amenities. I also have a video of the home itself that is forthcoming. I will not release it until tomorrow. I...
  A friendly client from is down here with her husband from Oregon spotted this home for sale in Maricopa on the list of homes bargains that we sent to her and she asked me to video record it for her. I obliged. She looked at the raw footage today and has yet to get back to me on it. She has made...
No nothing philosophical here I'm afraid. Simply I was just doing a little test to see how many people out there really want to look at nothing and then also see how many people clicked on the picture of nothing, hoping that they would find something. It's also a little inside joke that my partn...
This home is a unique wonder sitting in the extraordinarily beautiful Superstition Foothills of Gold Canyon under the breathtaking gaze of the Superstition Mountains with its 1000 different looks. This home for sale in Gold Canyon is inspiringly priced at $480,000 when you are just a short stone...
  Welcome on the tour bus of this subivision located in Casa Grande, Arizona. The quaint and truly elegant community known as Clearview Ranch is one of the most hard to get into communities in all of Casa Grande. This group of homes seldom sees a foreclosure and but when does pop or somebody in t...
Clearview Ranch Community This lovely and grand home in Clearview Ranch is simply wonderful. Surrounded by other elegant homes in this very stately community, this bank owned home for sale in Casa Grande rests in the heart of the city. This spacious home has beautiful columns in it and has somet...
When looking for Maricopa Homes For Sale, it can be very frustrating looking at listings that are already sold, don't have pictures, and are difficult to navigate. Pure Awesomeness!   TOP 5 REAL ESTATE GROUP PROUDLY ANNOUNCES OUR NEW MARICOPA, AZ WEBSITE! MARICOPA, AZ - Top 5 Real Estate group pr...

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