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Real estate information from Mike Nelson, an Associate Broker & Realtor licensed in NY. Mike is President of "The Integrity Sales Team" which collectively services Westchester, Putnam & Dutchess counties providing real estate consultation and sales. Call either 914-497-6378 or 845-849-0460.
My parents arrived Tuesday to visit for Thanksgiving, so I worked a half-day.Wednesday I took off.Thursday was Thanksgiving.Friday was off.Today was off.Tomorrow is an Open House.I feel like I'm way behind the 8-ball now for taking so much time off.  This is proof-positive that I'll never retire ...
I'm sitting here at Keller Williams' MegaAgent Camp and Jim Cronin us up on stage telling me to blog, so I will be doing this more often now so I can share my knowledge and experience (and my awesome sense of humor--and modesty ;)  ) with you.  We have questions, we all do.  I would like to help ...
I was reading Sandra Mannaravalappil's blog and saw her profile picture, which is the FUNNIEST real estate license plate EVER!:I'd give this photo 5stars if I could. Do you pronounce Realtor as it is spelled or do you call yourself a "Real-a-tor"?  One of my very good friends insists on calling h...
One of my favorite places in the world is the drive-in movie theatre.  I am fortunate enough to live close to not just one, but TWO!If you haven't been to a drive-in movie recently, the sound is played through your car radio (no more metal hanging speakers).  One of the Drive-Ins open THIS FRIDAY...
I never thought it would happen but it has.  I have found myself logging into ActiveRain more often that MySpace.  Here's a key difference: MySpace is for my personal contact with my friends and ActiveRain is for networking and advice for me.  I have found so many good posts on ActiveRain and so ...
MARCH 2007 - DUTCHESS COUNTY, NEW YORK - RESIDENTIAL SALES MARKET REPORT NEW LISTINGS: 497 TOTAL RESIDENTIAL UNITS SOLD: 173 (*note: for the most part, these are properties that were listed prior to 3/1/07) MEDIAN LIST PRICE: $389,0000AVERAGE LIST PRICE: $507,278 MEDIAN SOLD PRICE: $340,000 SOLD ...
I have read about other 'rainers getting calls from clients and as I was 'raining yesterday, I got a call from an actual customer!  She said she saw me on ActiveRain and liked my profile and posts on Localism.She had some questions and I am in the process of helping her out.  It seems like this i...
We all have them, those moments where we wish we were somewhere else at the time, where we wish no one WAS looking but in fact, we are in plain sight and obvious as a bull in a china shop.  These incidents, although unfortunate, show our clientele that we are real people and not just their Realto...
So this week has been something else.  Injuries sustained:Monday: Lower back pain from falling asleep on the couch in an awkward position while holding my son, waking up 4 hours later in pain.Tuesday: Greater back pain from helping my father move furniture (a very nice, but very big break-front c...

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