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  Mortgage News for 12/15/2008      On Wednesday morning, mortgages rates collapsed close to 5.125%.       Four notes on mortgage pricing. These super-low rates are limited to 740+ FICOs and 80% or less loan-to-value. Fannie and Freddie, despite 90 days in Federal hands, still maintain punitive F...
Mortgage News for 12/8/2008 The loss of 533K jobs in Nov and an additional 80K jobs in Oct reported on Friday sent interest rates higher and a strong 249 point increase in the DJIA. It was already baked in the cake so what we got was a buy the rumor, sell the fact in the bond market and sell the ...
Mortgage News for 12/01/2008 WOW! What one week can do. The FED finally figured it out. Last week the 10 Yr Treasury Note droped in yeild like a "lead balloon" and mortgage prices followed. Last week the DJIA rallied 800 points driven by the Obama economic appointments and the $800B Fed injection...

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