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Successful Real Estate agents know that prospecting daily for new listings is an important ingredient to their success. In the Mojo Dialer Blog, we share new feature announcements for the Mojo Dialer, industry know-how and tips and tricks to make you as successful as possible on the phone.
Today’s busy Real Estate offices leverage multiple cloud applications to manage their contact data. Some, like Mojo, manage the front of your pipeline. Some maintain your database of contacts such as SOI and Past Clients. And others are used for marketing and transactional tasks. The rub is that ...
Keller Williams Realty agent Dan Feuser says the demand is brisk for homes in Southwest Florida.Like many successful Realtors, Dan Feuser’s career path has taken some unexpected turns. Fresh out of college, he worked as an aircraft mechanic at United Airlines for 14 years and then started his own...
DAVIDENGLANDMOJO DIALER, POWER DIALER, REAL ESTATE DIALER What is your prospecting speed? For years Mojo has been the leading power dialer with both single and triple line auto-dialing options. Customers consider their prospecting needs and decide which speed works best for them. Either way, the...
We recently worked with Wise Agent on an integration to make connecting their clients databases with the Mojo Dialer seamless.Like us, the folks at Wise Agent are always looking for ways to increase their agent’s productivity. Adding the Mojo Dialer to their integrations list was a force multipli...
 Real Geeks Mojo Dialer integrationWe’ve made it pretty clear that we’re focusing on integrating Mojo with the top CRM platforms, and we’ve delivered! Recently, we finished our integration with the folks at Real Geeks and we’re excited to tell you about it.Their team reached out to us last year b...
Long ago, the Mojo Dialer was just a mere list dialer – agents would load their data files into Mojo, select which list to call and begin smiling and dialing. The Mojo Dialer worked superbly for this kind of lead generation and it put us on the map for salespeople looking to prospect with a hoste...
Prospecting time is precious, and if you don’t zealously protect that time, there’s no shortage of people who want to take it away from you.That’s why Keller Williams Realtor Jason Morris developed the habit of not looking at his phone or email every morning, when he has a standing appointment wi...
Why does Mojo’s David England compare the Mojo Dialer 2.0 to a fighter jet? Read below to find out. By Bob Montgomery Over the past month or so, we have slowly rolled out a bunch of new features and improvements to small groups of customers to doubly make sure they all worked the way we original...
Ask the Agent: Brett TannerWith a total topping $170,000,000 Sold in 2013 and 2014 and more than 2,500 homes sold, it’s safe to say Brett Tanner and his team know a thing or two about real estate prospecting.As a leader, innovator, investor, and top-selling real estate agent, Brett Tanner blends ...
Real Estate Agent Bernie Gallerani has spent years building a successful real estate firm in Hendersonville, Tenn. One of the secrets to his success has been prospecting. In fact, Gallerani has built a team and tailored a business model that has him prospecting as much as six to eight hours a day...

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