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This blog is a journal of my career as an Executive Coordinator, assistant to Real Estate Agent Terri Buseman of Chicago City Estates at RE/MAX Premier Properties in downtown Chicago.
This morning was so productive I was almost late for an office meeting because I was on a roll! On arriving there I found that my internet would not connect. No problem, I didn't need it for the meeting, so I figured the tech guy could just quickly fix it afterward and I could get back to what I ...
We are working on a new marketing campaign!   Part of the process is a new website. I have about 1 1/2 weeks left to finish it. To some this sounds like a lot of time. How long does it really take? The templates come with pre-loaded material.   What more do clients need than a landing page and a ...
Today in Chicago, we got to enjoy a beautiful, hot, first day of summer! I celebrated the lack of rain with a task I have been meaning and wanting to do. I spent all afternoon walking around with my camera capturing just a small bit of the things that make the South Loop a great neighborhood. Now...
Are Parking Spaces in Chicago's South Loop Over Valued? This is a question a friend of mine and I debated a little one night last weekend.   We both live in one bedroom units in Chicago's South Loop, but in different buildings. The conversation started when I told her that there was a parking spo...
Before my husband and I married and bought our condo we moved to a new rental unit about once a year. Every time we began unpacking he teased me because I would keep a screwdriver in my pocket and tighten every screw I could find. We've lived in our home for three and a half years now. My husband...
When people ask me what I do for Terri my answer at this time is that I am strengthening the foundation of her business so I can help it grow. This is always a true and acceptable answer, but what does it mean? I've worked for Terri for a year and a half, but until last month that was only at a ...
How do I get in the loop? I know it takes persistence more than anything. How do I know that my persistence is driving me in the right direction? I'm trying to build up my good habits now while I am still new, but since I am new I probably attend more training than I will later in my career and ...
Somewhere I was given the suggestion to do a Twitterview, that is, an interview conducted soely through Twitter. It sounded intriguing, so I asked the owner of a new business in our neighborhood if she would like to be my guinea pig. She said yes! Yesterday afternoon we sat next to eachother in h...
Last week was both fantastic and dangerous. We realized that we had no way to pull a list of all of our clients from our database if we wanted to email just them and no one else. We already labeled all of the agents in our database, but our clients did not all have one single label for distincti...
My last post was a short list of things I learned in Twitter class last week. I appreciate the wonderful comments I received and thought some of you might like more in depth instruction on how to make and use lists in Twitter. When you sign into your Twitter account you will most likely be on you...

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